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Cefuroxime Axetil (Ceftin)?

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Has anyone used the antibiotic, ceftin, for the treatment of acne? I went to see the dermatologist about 2 months ago and he prescribed me minocycline. I took it twice daily for 6 weeks, and then had a follow-up to see how the minocycline was working. It seemed to be helping out, but I started developing skin discoloration on my hands, specifically my left one. I know that a side-effect of minocycline is discoloration, but when I showed this to my derm, he said that the type of discoloration I had was something he had never seen with those on minocycline. He didn't seem completely convinced that it was the minocycline causing this discoloration but I didn't develop this discoloration until I started taking minocycline and I wasn't doing anything new in my regimen. So as a precaution, he took me off minocycline and prescribed me ceftin. I'm now in my second week of taking ceftin, but I am just wondering if anyone has taken ceftin and what their experience was like. Thanks!

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Yes I have been on ceftin several times.works great for acne.as most all the cephalosporins. but one thing with this particular antibiotic be careful of bad tendonitis starting if it does have dr. Switch u to duricef, cephalexin, omnicef, spectracef, vantin, ceclor, cedax or velosef all these are low risk antibiotics for tendonitis.these unlike minocycline the sun is no issue or iron sipplements.also if your acne is moderate to severe take 400 mg of ibuprofen directly with each dose of antibiotic and the results will be unbelievably better good luck

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Hey Highway,

Good to hear you're trying something new... I've never tried minocycline but the skin discoloration sounds freaking scary!! Do you still have that discoloration? J/w if it went away after switching off of minocycline.

Anyway, Ceftin has been the one and only antibiotic to have long-term positive effects on acne for me personally. I actually used it for a year and had the best looking skin I had seen for years. Here is a link to my a topic I made r.e. ceftin:

Post back if you see any results! Give it a few months and make sure all the little things in your life are together (proper cleaning techniques, good diet, etc.) and you should like what you see

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