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Having A Good Time...ruined

So today I was thinking back of all the times when I would try and go out and "pretend" I didn't have acne. It would work a little bit. I would be laughing having a good time, and then RUINED. Let me explain a couple of times this has happened.

It was back when I was 16 in my math class. I remember that whole week I was trying to adjust my attitude because the way acne has been making me feel. I wanted to change that. We were playing a class game or whatever but eventually split into groups. It was me a couple of friends and some girls but we decided to start drawing each other instead of do the class game thing. So one kid finished drawing me but another kid thought it needed touch ups. The kid who originally drew it did not include acne on me. The other kid who thought needed touch ups decided to just start drawing dots all over my fucking face like it was funny. Then someone goes wait let me help and adds more. They were all laughing looking at my face and then adding to the paper what they missed or whatever. I was so pissed off the rest of the day thinking why me?

It was a few winters ago but we got a lot of snow! Like 2 feet of snow or something like that and my brother and I went to shovel the driveway. We had a few snowball fights, wrestled, just having a good time while we were doing it. Out of nowhere my brother just goes "yo the snow is so bright from the sun it makes your acne look so much worse." I was like seriously, is it that bad and he goes, yeah I cant even count how many pimples I see. Well there goes that "fun" day.

Basically I just wanted to share some times where I try and have a positive attitude and it just gets ruined. There are many more stories I have but I want to hear from you guys as well and see if you have had anything like this happen. Acne sucks and now I rarely leave the house, and when I do my skin has to be looking somewhat decent, if not I will most likely stay inside. I have lost a lot of confidence from acne. Where is the "cure" ??????????????

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Sorry to hear, I know its tough. You need to be proactive and do something about it. Are you taking any medication or treatments yet? If not I highly recommend taking your time to look at the acne org regime; if your acne is severe go and see a dermatologist and discuss your options. I am sorry to be blunt however isolation isn't going to help, you need to try and stay positive, be focused and honest to those closest to you. Dont let this get the best of you, all the best :).

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Sometimes I hate teachers because of this reason. I've heard so many stories just like this. Assuming you were a sophomore or junior, I thought young people would have more maturity than that. And besides, you shouldn't be coloring and drawing in highschool anyways. And as for your brother, that was incredibly rude. I would've just busted out crying but that's just because I'm super sensitive. Don't worry though, the acne will go away eventually.

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