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The Only Thing That's Worked For Me (For Guys)


I used to browse around these forums for the past few years in search of some miracle that would cure acne, no matter how mild or severe it was. I never found anything, despite trying EVERYTHING.

I've had acne since 6th or 7th grade. At the time, I wasn't worried about it because I thought it was normal and would go away. Moving into 8th and 9th grade, I became extremely self conscious about it. Nobody had acne as bad as I did and I just wondered what was so different. Obviously, my skin was just being an oily mess and needed additional caring for.

My story and product list that I've used is for too lengthy, but I will tell you I have used Proactive, Murad, Neutrogena products and all of the other stuff you guys, too, have probably tried and failed with. There's no hope, right? Wrong. There's an endless list of acne products to try out. (Oh, joy. /endsarcasm rolleyes.gif ) This is both good and bad.

It's bad because so many companies just want your money. Nothing more. It's good because you will be able to stumble upon your cure someday.

Having acne from 6th grade to now (I just graduated my senior year), I finally found MINE and hope some of you have success with it as well.

There's this neat acne product called "Nature's Cure for Males" that has been not so popular, but has gotten great reviews. After stumbling upon it, I decided to give it ago. I paid around 11 dollars for it on Amazon.com (including shipping) since no where near me sold it on the shelves. It's a two part acne system that comes with both a month supply of AM and PM pills and a 5% BP acne cream.

The pills are weird in the sense you have to chew them and let it dissolve in your mouth first. After reading that on the directions, I cringed. But remembering it was natural ingredients, I braced myself and gave it a go. Surprising it had almost no taste. If anything, it was sort of a pleasant taste. No cons here.

The BP cream is great as well. I am someone who is EXTREMELY sensitive to BP. The first three days of using this cream gave me a red and burning face, but it's now not a problem since my skin has compensated to this change in product. It has aloe vera in it which is completely reasonable and made these redness fade really quickly and now gives a soothing effect.

Now that I've introduced you to that, you can start doing some research of it on your own, though I think I've covered most parts.

The next product, and it's nothing new, the famous Noxzema.

I never really saw this being a product I would use as a guy. Many girls use it to remove makeup. But I started thinking one day.. My mother had beautiful skin when I was a child (she passed when I was a child as well) but I remember the familiar smell and was like "this must be our skin's miracle cure." So around the same time of buying the Nature's Cure, I bought Noxzema to use as a facewash. This wash is so soothing that the burning from the BP from the cream had the LEAST AMOUNT OF BURNING from any other product used alone or with another face wash. I love this stuff and can't believe I waited so long to try it because I thought it was for girls. This does, however, leave a sort of waxy or sticky feeling after rinsing, but when you finish drying your face, it's SO SOFT. The dry flakes are just.. Gone.

I now use these two religiously, never skipping a day of care. It's only been a week and a half and my skin is completely clear. I have NEVER been able to say these for the past 7 years and am completely amazed. I, of course, have some marks from past bad breakouts, but I know these will fade in time. I'm so excited for the future now that I'm confident. I hope you guys can get these products soon so I can hear results as well. I'm looking forward to many future clear faced friends on here! God bless!


1.) Nature's Cure for Males Two Part Acne System

-contains a month supply of AM/PM pills and 5% BP cream

-the miracle to clearing my face

2.) Noxzema Original Cleanser

- the soothing menthol and eucalyptus made the symptoms of the BP almost nonexistent during the skin conditioning phase

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