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So, about 4 months or so ago I cut out ALL gluten from my diet and my face cleared up within a couple of weeks. It was seriously a miracle. I have suffered from severe cystic (and other types) acne since I was 12 years old and have tried literally everything out there (besides accutane...we have a family history of depression so my mom thought it wouldn't be a good idea). Well, about 4 or 5 weeks ago my face started breaking out again! I nit picked at my diet, alcohol consumption, even the face wash and makeup I was using on my face. I switched it all up, but to no avail. I even started taking some vit d2 supplements a few days ago, which seem to be helping. It wasn't until today that I read an article that said B12 can make your skin break out even if you've never suffered from acne. It HIT ME. About 5 weeks ago I asked my husband to pick me up a B12 supplement from the store for my energy levels. WOW---i've been popping this B12 every morning for 5 weeks and it's been literally wreaking HAVOC on my face! I have cysts, nodules, comedones, you name it. Whereas 5 weeks ago all I had were faded scars that were actually raising and healing. I wish I could turn back time to 5 weeks ago, but since I can't I thought I would at least put out a warning to other acne sufferers about large doses of B12. I was only taking 1 tablet, but it was 1000 mg! So anyway, BE CAREFUL what you put in your mouth! (food AND vitamins!) They aren't always good for your skin!

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