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Weird Dark Lines Around Mouth After Using Bp. [With Pic]

Hey! I started the regimen a couple of weeks ago ( with 5% BP), and I stopped after two weeks after noticing a dark line forming on each side of my mouth. Uponcloser inspection, I discovered that they were fine lines, and I'm positive that this has something to do with the BP I used (I already know I should be using 2.5%, but it's not available where I'm from).

I'd like to think that this isn't permanent, but it's been five days with proper moisturization, avoiding the sun, drinking plenty of water and taking Vitamin C supplements, and nothing has improved.

My question is: what exactly is this, and how do I make it go away?

EDIT: I found some picture of another person online with the same issue as me. The pictures in the spoiler show the lines much clearer than mine, which is the one attached at the bottom



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are u sure its for bp?

could be bp applied burnt that area.reddish tinge or even tomato redness is usual for bp.

i've rarely seen blackish tinge though.

am sorry i couldnt be of much help.i believe u will get better answers below.

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This is a normal reaction to BP. I got the same thing in the creases on the side of my mouth but for me it was deep deep red lines from the irritation caused by the BP. As you have black skin, the same irritation just shows up as dark lines.

This is all normal and to be expected. The irritation from BP can last from 2 weeks to a few months for some people but it all goes away once your skin adjusts. Make sure you're moisturising and building up very slowly with your BP use, especially as you're using 5%.

Ps. I've moved your post to the regimen forum where I'm sure you will receive more responses.

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