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Killing Pimple Without Mark Left

So i dont have much active acne but every! small big white medium pimple left me red mark !!!!! i hate it so much.

IS there any way to remove zit without mark left after ??

ANY spot treatment which could get rid of acne spot without mark left ? thanks

btw; one more small question how 10% is bad for sun? 10 minutes on direct sun would already damage me?


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You look smart and sophisticated by the looks of your photo, but your grammer and language is terrible and it's hard to sipher out the meaning of your words..

It's great that you don't have active acne!

When it comes to these red annoying marks however, nothing is going to fix it overnight - including chemical spot treatments.

What may work is an application of aloevera over the inflammed areas and after 2 days, the area should look a lot better.

What will help in the long run with the redness is eating a more alkaline styled diet rather then acidic as well as less wheat and high inflammatory foods. Probiotics also train the immune system to not overreact to irritation of the skin.

I take it by your question down the bottom, you are refering to a statement made on this site that 10 minutes of sun will damage your skin.

No. No it wont and a 15 minute direct sunlight sesh is absolutely great for your skin and will kill a great deal of bacteria, but do not get burnt!

Some people claim that only blue light is good for the skin and all other light emission from the sun is dangerous.. But come-on! It's the sun! - and you cant get more natural then that!

Take care!

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Thank you for your answer. Well now i see that I wrote something weird :D. I meant - if i use 10% AHA on my face daily at night, how dangerous will sun be for me?

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You should definitely try "Fade Out" cream. It works amazing for ageing spots and it protects the zit from the sun because it contains SPF.

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