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Hello everyone, I am back! Anyway lately I been suffering moderate or severe acne breakouts for many days or In a year, but now my face been getting about 46% better. But not very clear and well-complex yet. My point is I want to focus on a very, very strong anti-acne routine!!! Short-term and long-term wise.

For what I know for short term anti-acne is pretty much the regimen. It does help with acne, but when I stop using it for a while, I started breaking out again. So it feels temporarily. So if there's some sort term acne relief opinions, share them! Or advice, suggestions, etc. something to make visible acne go away and keep them at bay for some time.

Other hand the long-term I am talking about is preventing acne from appearing, reducing anything that causes pimples, and renewing the face to clear and well-shape face and body. Things I know are:

. Sleep - getting a lot of sleep does help, however that is my weakness I hate sleeping early...

. Eating healthy rich food - like veggies or anything with anti-acne matters. I know Vitamin A seems to have something with anti-acne. And drinking water probably seems sorta ineffective despite that it is good for the skin.

. Exercising or working out - seems to help with controlling hormones based on other research I read. Sweating also helps since it cleans the pores from inside-out.

Pretty much it, so anything you want to share for long-term wise would be useful.

Also I heard that taking a sauna would help with acne. And also taking a mud bath would help as well despite it smells and looks messy, but it reduce stress and rejuvenate.

Generally I would like your opinion or anything to help get rid of acne and to recover the face or body back to way it was, completely clear and smooth. Also I wanted to know anything that causes pro-acne as in likely to worsen acne or cause more break-outs flare-ups. I want to help people recover and not feel ashamed/humiliated from acne pimples. I want them all eradicated!

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Hi dear. I know that dairy can cause acne; my dermatologists told me that. Have you eliminated dairy? This includes cheese, milk, cream, butter etc. found in sweets too. I'm not sure about other foods as they aren't as hormone dense unless they're beef treated with hormones etc. which I'd steer clear of it. It keeps me clearer but not entirely. I would examine your diet.

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Long term? Help your skin help itself. Your skin may be going through changes but as long as you keep it healthy and functioning normally your skin is going to be what you need for long term maintenance for clear skin. Your "very, very strong anti-acne routine" should NOT be very strong, but it should be consistent and well researched. The last thing you want to do is bombard your skin with every anti-acne solution you can find. Such as using salycilic acid face wash, benzoyl peroxide topical, moisturizer with more SA, and then make-up with more acne fighting ingredients. That is not the way to do it. The regimen works for many people because it uses primarily one fighting ingredient (BP) while keeping everything else very gentle and moisturizing. You never want to dry out your skin or constantly strip your skin of its natural barrier or oils. Once you take it's natural defenses away, it will get used to you taking control, and then you will always have to use chemicals to fight for your skin. It will become dependent on you if you let it. I believe that is one way to only get short term and not long term treatment.

It sounds like you tried the regimen from this site and then stopped. Why? What did you use after you stopped it?

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^^ I agree, however i think because acne is long term problem, then unfortunately comes long term treatment. Over time I believe that you can minimise the amount of treatment (BP) that you have to use and your skin will still respond.

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Haha, I also laughed at the 46%! :P

You've got all my ticks!

On top of veggies, make sure you get stuff rich in omegas 3,6 and learn to use other types of bacteria killing itinerary like the sun instead of constant use of BP :)

Sleep is a necessity and vitamin supplements to your diet like zinc, b complex, d, a, c and (e from lots of almonds) will definitely help in healing and keeping your skin thick and strong!

Underneath32 keeps it short and sweet with lowering the amount of BP overtime as the skin learns to adapt on its own.

If you are eating healthily, I don't believe you need to mess around with diet and only consuming particular foods low in sugar, fat etc or whatever because your body should be able to do the sorting on its own, taking what it needs from the whole foods or good foods you are eating and turning waste into waste, but I would recommend if anything, taking milk out and lowering dairy consumption.

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