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Hey everyone, new to the forums and I have some questions about vitamins and my skin. Im 15 and going to be a sophomore this year. Ive had acne since 7th grade and it has gotten worse over the years. In 7th grade it was my chin, 8th grade it was my forehead, and 9th grade it was chin and my cheeks. My cheeks are the only things now that have bad acne on them and its really annoying because of the scars they leave behind. Ive tried everything until i decided to just switch to a mild cleaner and mild moisturizer. Recently i read about the great things vitamins can do for you. I always take a multivitamin but never specific vitamins. This is my daily outine now for vitamins:

Morning I eat my breakfast and then take a sports multivitamin, 10,000 iu vitamin a softgel, two 2000 iu vitamin D softgels, one 400iu vitamin e, and just these past two days ive taken a simple calcium tablet.

Lunch: one 10,000 iu vitamin a, one 2000 iu vitamin d

Dinner: one 2000 iu vitamin d and one 400iu vitamin e

Before bed i simply wash my face and moisturize. Ive done all this for a little over a week and it definetly cleared my breakouts but the past 2 days nothing has happened. Its just stayed the same and i feel like its getting slightly worse again. It just stops at a certain point. Most of.my friends are growing out of their acne and im the last one left. This really isnt great on my.part and I was wondering if I should either take another vitamin or stop taking one or replace one altogether. I just need to know if there is any other vitamins that could help me :) Thanks!

P.s. My acne isnt severe. Its moderately severe but is almost to the point of moderate.

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I've given the same advise to another young guy here (14-15) in this forum.I'll reiterate it.

While , fighting acne which is a serious impediment in your beautiful teenage life is very good (We should never accept things as they are if it bothers us! Fight tooth and nail against it!).PLEASE! don't "OVER" treat your acne.And i'm almost begging you .BECAUSE over treating acne only makes it worse.Because in retrospect,i think if i had not over treated my acne it wouldn't have been this bad today and i'm 21 now.My first breakout came at 16.And i was hysterical...

I went to a dermatologist and got prescribed BP 2% with cetaphil and antibiotics.I took this course for 3 months and NOTHING happened.It just made my skin more sensitive and therefore more acne prone.Exasperated by my acne i turned to another Dermatologist and he suggested Adapalene, and Salicylic acid.Again to no avail...

Then i started treating myself on my own.I was paranoid about my facial hygiene.At one point i was so desperate to get rid of acne that i washed my face 6 times in a day!! The result was a tragedy.I was pretty fair by Indian standards.My face lost it's "noor"(my face lost it's life and shine) as my muslim friends tell me.I went several notches down the fairness scale.I got hyper pigmentation which still exists.And to this day i regret my imprudence.Had i been more circumspect it would have been a different ball game.

You're 15.You're having hormonal anarchy inside your body.Some acne is bound to come.Please treat it as gently as possible.Do the following things:

1.Do not stress about your acne.

2.Eat healthy.


4.Continue taking your supplements(Although i'm skeptical about your vitamin A consumption.10,000 is the upper limit.Be cautious).

5.Try not to masturbate and observe if masturbation has an affect on your acne.Don't pooh pooh this as an old wive's tale.It could actually exacerbate your acne.

Finally,be the 15 year old guy that you're supposed to be wink.png

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the pills your taking right now are good, however probably the most beneficial ones for acne youre missing are fish oil, and zinc.

Ive also heard saw palmetto and niacin help alot too, for some people. :)

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