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Perioral Dermatitis Due To Laser Hair Removal?

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Hi, I have been having acne and Perioral Dermatitis in my chin area for some years now. Lately I reduced my laser sessions and have also seen an improvement in my skin. However, last week I went for another laser session and this week I have again a big breakout on my chin. It is not normal acne but an enormous pimple fluid-filled and very red. I have had it many times before.

I am starting to think that my acne and perioral dermatitis may be related to the hair removal. I tried doing some search but didn't find many info.

Anyone experienced a similar case?

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I had acne only on my chin for years, and had many sessions of laser hair removal as well. Sometimes the laser would make me break out temporarily, but I never thought it was the cause of my acne problems. I believe we are just blessed with hormonal problems that cause both excess facial hair and acne. I have had many periods (years) where I wasn't getting laser and still was breaking out. Can you remember when you started getting acne? Was it before/after laser?

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I've had acne all my life, but not on my chin. I started developing acne on my chin after 3-4 sessions, but it isn't like the acne I am used to. It's like a big inflamed pimple with several heads that look like fluid-filled. When I pop it there is some watery pus coming out but it does not look at all like the regular pimples I get in other parts of my face. A dermatologist diagnosed me with Perioral Dermatitis but couldn't tell me about the cause.

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