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Post Accutane: Skin-Folds And Light-Medium Scarring - Peels?

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Hi guys,

I posted a couple days ago on the accutane forum for some of the sideeffects I am carrying forward from my accutane treatment (7 weeks, 1 at 20mg, 5 at 40mg, 1 at 20mg per day).

While the one that currently keeps me worrying the most is my hairloss, there are 2 specifically related to my skin which fit best into here. Just for context, I am now a bit over 3 weeks of accutane.

Scarring: On accutane I started to get seriosue scarring from acne for the first time. While I can't say that it is particularly seriouse, it is still quite apparent. Most of my scars are rather shallow except for 2 or 3 larger ones on my cheeks as well as a couple on my chin (which aren't particularly deep either). At the same time my skin is rather uneven in general still. I know that I shouldn't do anything about the scarring for at least another 3-5 months, I want to start planning ahead - or maybe just reasure myself that there are ways to reverse all the effects left from accutane without taking too seriouse measures. On another site I read some reviews for light peels such as Zeniac lp forte cream. Do these work at all? Does anyone have any experience with them?

The other thing that I am strugeling more and more with now is one large fold across my forehead (I'm 18!) and the deep rings under my eyes that don't seem to want to disappear no matter how much I sleep. Does anyone know what I can do against these? I currently moisturize twice daily with one of thenivea for men creams but am going to switch to Posay next week and give that a go. Whenever I have outside activities planned I also cream in with sunscreen. Any advice on what I can do to combat/potentially get rid of the fold and rings under my eyes?

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So in the meantime I've been trying to read up on this a bit more and it seems that peels could help fight my wrinkles a little. What I'm most concerned about right now is one huge one that stretches across my forehead along with the rings under my eyes. Anyone have experience with this?

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