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This is my first post on Acne.org, although I often come on here to read up on things and see what helps. I would never dare say that my acne is bad, considering some people have just painful and terrible conditions that I feel so bad about, but over the last two years, mild acne has plagued me. I just recently turned 18 and have always had these film acting aspirations, so naturally I've tried many things to stop this acne dead in it's tracks. My family does not have a history of acne problems, and I have so many friends who eat crappy foods and have clear skin minus the occasional pimple no one can get away from. This really irritates me because for the longest, I've had a clear complexion and the only problem hurting my self esteem was my teeth ( I have a canine tooth a bit higher than it should be on the right side of my mouth). Now, it's my acne.

Unfortunately, I popped and squeezed away years ago, not knowing that it caused, albeit minor, wave-like acne scars, which I'm sure wouldn't pop up much if it wasn't for the redness. Today, I am not clear faced, I have a few pimples under my skin just dying to come out, and I'm on Cetaphil Oil Free Cleanser. I've tried Proactiv, Clean and Clear, the most recent Clearasil Ultra, then I tried Ivory soap which did the trick for a little while, but then it stopped working. I recently put on maybe 5 or more pounds from eating ice cream for a role I was portraying.

And just this week, I've been running every other day, trying to build up an exercise regimen(I'm buying some weights and more soon). I've also tried my hardest to eat healthier, although it is tough. I drank a Coca Cola today, but only out of not caring. I can quit Coca Cola, but the hard one is quitting my every so often Red Bull. That shit is like crack. I am defiantly buying more fish, even though I don't care much for the taste, and white rice is just nature in a Cuban household, so that can't go no matter what. I'm not an avid believer that diet contributes much, but if I remove fast food completely and processed foods like chips and soda, and eat normal steak, rice, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits, and drink water(which I've made it a goal to drink as much water possible per day), maybe it can somehow help.

Recently, I've heard of the Caveman Regimen, and from many people saying it works, to many people saying it's the dumbest thing since Jersey Shore, I've decided maybe I should try it. I'm going to Universal Orlando with some friends June 20th, which is a week from now, so hopefully I'll see a slight improvement so my self-consciousness doesn't get the better of me and I can actually be on camera. If anyone is willing to follow along and try it, you are more than welcome to. My acne makes me feel alone, desperate, and shut it. I don't go out anymore or go out reluctantly because of it, and I'm tired of not being able to act because of my skin problems. So starting tonight, it's changing my pillowcase, brushing my teeth, splashing my face with some cold water before bed, and I'll wake up tomorrow ready to begin.

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Day 1: It is currently 6:57pm and I just got home and showered from my daily run, from which I started a few days ago in order to get in shape and healthy. My acne doesn't look much different, although in the span of literally one night, a whitehead popped up on my right cheek. Not a big one, but it's still there. Although I noticed something. That pimple has been there for a while under my skin, and I thought it was a blackhead but I guess it's good that it popped up, that means my skin is breathing. I hope. Nothing else. A new small whitehead popped up next to the existing one, but nothing to fret. What I really am worried about is if this whole regimen will help fade my scars a bit. That's what I'm really hoping. About to eat some Cuban dinner and continuing to drink water all day, no soda, although I did have some yogurt earlier.

I did splash my face with water last night before bed, and the oilyness waking up was unbearable so I splashed some water on my face this morning as well. I also got some on there from the post-workout shower, so I guess I'm just gonna have to buckle up for some oilyness for a while. So far, my face doesn't crave the cleanser, but I sure do. I'm good for now. No progress for one day, but we'll see how it goes.

It's really hard to not worry about my face, I just worry easily, and it gets annoying, but it's bad nerves. I've always been that way with things in the past, now it's my face. Before going to bed, I see small pimples on my other cheek coming in so that's unsettling, but I am gonna go wash my face with some cold water quickly before bed and see what happens in the morning.

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