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Hey all,

I figured I'd make a thread for the extreme extroverts who suffer/have suffered from acne. When you're in a breakout period or you're feeling uncomfortable, how do you manage to be your normal, energetic self? Do you still go out, exude confidence, flirt, and hook up? I know for a fact that, since clearing up a bit from Solodyn and Ziana, I've been feeling more and more like my usual self. How about you? Feel free to include any awesome party stories ;)

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That's great you've cleared up a bit and seem to be feeling much better and back to your usual self! Very happy for you :) So have you been out a lot more since feeling better? If so please share any funny stories of your own :)

To be honest sometimes my skin gets on top of me so much sometimes that I avoid social situations even though I wish I had the confidence to just go to stuff, but the thought that people are looking at my skin and making judgements about me due to it's grotty condition is just too much. These last few months have been particularly hard, that feeling of severe discomfort when trying to enjoy myself is unbearable. Even when I bring myself to attend certain events I usually leave early due to feeling too much in my own zone.

It is a shame as when I am on top form I am the life and soul of the party, I am typically smiley, giggle a lot and others describe me as bubbly, funny and someone who wears fabulous clothes. Just goes to show what acne can subtract from your self esteem. I know some would say I have let it control me, but after 20 years of battling it and putting up with peoples negative reactions to it - yes things get too much sometimes.

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Ibiza, I'm sure you're very beautiful and it sounds like you have a fantastic personality. It actually reminds me a bit of myself at parties. When I get in my zone at clubs or bars, I feel like I can conquer the world. Funny thing is, sometimes I can feel this way even WITH acne. As long as my acne isn't totally out of control, I act very self-assured around girls (even if I'm not). Yes, it does get overwhelming at times if you're feeling particularly down about your looks, but I just play it by the motto "fake it til you make it." I am working on accepting the fact that, even though I'm relatively clear right now, I'll have to deal with some sort of breakout in the future. Acne comes and goes in phases and it's just a part of who I am. I can't let it completely override my confidence. Now, this may sound bad, but when I'm feeling particularly self-conscious, I try to compensate by dressing very nicely or by working even harder in the gym. It's important to take little steps every single day to try to improve your mood. When I'm out at a party and I have a few drinks though, I get in predator mode lol wink.png Now, for the funny bit, you can check out the sunburn I got over the last few days trying to get my tan back smile.png Straight lobster status. No idea why the pic is sideways.



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Thank you for sharing your experiance!

Before I was not registred in this forum, I was wondering-do other people feel the same as me because of acne or breakouts! And the truth is that we all feel the same!

Yes it is quite hard to go out with friends and socialize when I have my breakouts, I am afraid of other people judgements. For girls it is easy to fix breakouts with make up or other staf but what boys could do? I have find out when I have presentations at school I have more breakouts, because of stress. Presentation is time when I want to look beautiful, but yes my breakouts put me down.

And it is interesesting, how good I feel (i think everyone feel so) when I see that my face is better, I am not afraid of worlds eyes!

I wish from my heart to all people get rid of acne and breakouts!


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Great perspective, Anete. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. In truth, all of us that suffer from periodic breakouts will have to deal with difficulties on a daily basis. I understand the feeling of being helpless because of acne and the constant pressure of being judged in social situations. I too hope everyone who is having acne problems finds a quick and effective way to better solutions. On that note, I'm heading out ;)

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