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Cortisone Injections For Acne Cysts

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I went through a really bad breakout last year and have been using a benzoyl peroxide wash to help clear up my face. Most of the blemishes have cleared away, but I have a few lingering cysts in my neck area that are driving me crazy. They've been there since last year and won't budge at all or come to a head. I've tried chemical peels, facial steaming, heat pads, etc. They don't hurt or look red, but they just sit there on my neck like small pea-like bumps. I have about 3. I can't make them drain at all so I'm convinced the infection is deep in the skin, out of reach.

I went ahead and scheduled a dermatologist appointment next week for cortisone shots. Anyone here have any experience with these? Apparently the doc injects cortisone straight into the cyst with a fine needle, which then clears up in a few days, if you're lucky.

I'm nervous about getting injections but I'd do anything to finally get these bumps out of my necks. They're so embarrassing... The rest of my face has smoothed out almost completely but everytime I see myself in profile, I see these bumps on my neck, ugh!

If you had these injections before, please, if you can share your experience I'd be very grateful. I have a week til my appointment and just want some reassurance or cautionary words. Thanks board!

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Ive had several injections in my face in various spots. Its kind of a catch 22. If the derm doesnt use enough kenalog (steroid), dilutes it too much, the bump still lingers around for quiet a while. If the derm doesnt dilute, you run the risk of atrophy (indentation) or scarring in that area.

I had a huge sebaceous cyst injected in January where the derm used undiluted steroid and am still dealing w/ the atrophy and hyperpigmentation in that area. Looks like a small dimple where the needle entered. Also, the area around this dimple has broken capillaries; those dont go away.

Sometimes they have worked miraculously, other times, not so much.

If they bother you as much as you say, I say take the plunge and get em shot. You could be lucky and theyll be gone in a few days.

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Thanks for the reply. I've heard about possible atrophy and I really hope it doesn't happen to me. But I think I'm willing to risk it. I'm just very tired of feeling these cyst bumps in my neck month after month with no change. I can feel the material stuck inside them and it makes me cringe. Not to mention they make my neck look horribly bumpy in direct light.

I've also heard about derms slicing these things open but that's something I will absolutely not try. My family is high risk to keloiding so I won't even consider cutting into these cysts.

I have my derm appointment next Thursday so I'll definitely report back here with what happens. If things go my way, I'll simply get a few injections and watch the cysts melt away. But we all know it's usually more complicated than that when it comes to acne.

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Before you get a cortisone shot, you might just want them looked at. If they have lingered this long, they are likely not an acne cyst, but epidermal, which needs to be removed surgically or they will likely come back.

Also, please ask your derm what dose they are using. Anything higher than 2.5 is TOO HIGH. Please heed my warning, and see my thread in the scar forum for the severe atrophy my derm has caused me. Literal disfiguration.

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Thanks, I'll definitely keep that in mind.

I really can't have any surgical procedure for fear of keloiding, so I'll see what the derm says next week. Keloids on my neck would be much worse than these under the skin bumps.

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Alright, so I had my derm appointment today, and it went well for the most part.

I showed my derm the 2 cysts on my neck that've been there for months and he said, "Yeah, it looks painful just looking at them." The funny thing is they don't even hurt, but they're like permanent peas in my neck. Anyway, he injected them pretty quick and said it should dry them up in a couple days. He also put me on a month-long course of 100 mg Doxycycline antibiotic.

When I picked up my prescription, the pharmacist asked, "Oh, is this for acne? Your face looks fine." Of course she was looking at me through a thick plastic window with stickers plastered on it. But I guess that's better than a look of pity!

Well, that's about it!

I'll report back with my progress. I'm crossing my fingers.

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Morning after the shots and my pea cysts already feel softer and smaller. Yes! Still there but noticeably shrunk down and less firm today.

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Well, I still have those cysts on my neck. The cortisone shots didn't budge them after all. I didn't bother getting another round of shots.

I'm gonna try another derm and see if I can find a laser treatment for these cysts. I'm at the point where I'm considering having them cut into with a scalpel, but I'd really prefer another less invasive treatment.

If anyone out there successfully got rid of their neck cysts, please let me know! I'm running out of patience with these things.

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