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First I want to start off saying that the Regimen has worked wonders for me. It cleared up about 97% of my acne in the 1.5 years I was on it. However, I decided that I didn't want to be on it my whole life. I also started to see my face age faster than normal. Although I moisturized very well and always used jojoba oil, I could see my face changing. That is when I decided I would try stopping the regimen. This may not work for everyone, but for those who are afraid of stopping or weaning off the regimen I hope it gives you hope.

I started to slowly decrease the amount of BP I was using about 4-5 months ago. I did this VERY slowly since I was afraid of breaking out. There were periods where I would have a few more spots than normal but if that happened I would up the amount of BP for the next few days until the spots cleared up and then I would start to decrease the amount again. You have to do what works for you. Pay attention to your face and use your own best judgement.

My monthly cycles are a big factor in when I will break out. When I was using the full amount of BP I would still get 1 spot around that time of the month but it was nothing crucial. Decreasing the amount of BP, I would get maybe 3 very small spots on my face but I kept with it. It's worth it for me to keep weaning off the regimen. I am no longer self-conscious about having 2-3 spots on my face since it used to be SO much worse.

I noticed my face was a lot softer and less dry as I started to decrease the amount of BP I was using. After about 3-4 months I was down to a pea-sized dot of BP in the morning and at night. It was then that I stopped using the BP at night and replaced it with Tea Tree Oil. I started with 5 drops of TTO in 1 pump of Dan's moisturizer with about 5 drops of jojoba oil. Guess what, no new breakouts! Every week I replace the TTO with the AHA at night and that keeps my face exfoliated and smooth. It's been about 1.5 - 2 months since I have been using a pea-size amount of BP in the morning and TTO/AHA at night. My face is still clear!

I do get a few tiny spots near my eyebrows because I use an eyeshadow to fill them in but it is not too bad. I also have oily areas near my nose that sometimes get a random spot but it usually clears up in about 1-2 days. My face has not gone back to what it was before I was on the regimen. I no longer have 20 active spots on my face and my face is so much smoother and softer.

I won't say my face is 100% clear but I do know that it is a lot better. My spots heal faster and are much smaller than before. If anyone is trying to stop or at least wean off the regimen I hope this helps you out. The TTO is a great antiseptic and it's natural!

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Hey, glad to hear you've had success weaning yourself off the regimen...I used to only use a pea sized amount on my forehead and cheeks at night and it kept me relatively clear. I think to be honest the amounts of BP that this site recommends is massively excessive for most people which is why so many people have extreme dryness and notice the ageing effects. Just wanted to say that if you're happy with your skin right now then maybe stick with this routine.

Talking from experience about 7 months ago I weaned myself off of BP (which didn't take long because I wasn't using much to start with) and it wasn't until about 6-8 weeks after that the breakouts started. I started to use TTO as well which seemed to calm the many bumps that spread all over my forehead but even now I'm still trying to find a solution before I decide to go back to BP.

These are only the possible effects of taking BP out of your regimen completely and it's obviously not the same for everyone, just wanted to give people two different point of views on BP... hope you're skin stays clear :)

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