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Hey everyone! So I've posted a few topics here over the years about my face routine.

However, as of about a month ago, I came across the best, BEST method I've ever used. So much better that I'm never going back to a regular cleanser ever again.


That's it. Regular, PLAIN quaker's oatmeal. I always liked the idea of natural remedies for the face, but didn't think they'd ever work. Some information on me. I'm a 20 year old female. I had moderate to severe hormonal acne through my teens, but now I have very light to no acne thanks to finding the right products for me. My face has been clear for 3 years. However, I'd STILL get a painful pimple on my jaw or my chin now and again, and I just wanted it to stop. So I found a video about using oatmeal as a CLEANSER, and decided to try it out.

I use just plain quaker oats. I take a little handful in my fist, and hold my hand under the sink or shower head with a little bit of space in the top of my hand so water can get to the oats. I then take my hand away and use my other hand to put one more little handful of water on the oats. I then take the oats, rub them in between my hands a little, and then wash my face with the mixture for about one minute. Afterwards I rinse my face with cool water and pat my face for about 30 seconds to get blood flowing.

And oh my god guys, it is AMAZING. My face is so smooth, moisturized, and CLEAR. I haven't gotten a single pimple. It works so well, I literally use nothing else but Oats and a moisturizer. It removes all of my makeup and dirt, and just makes me feel so refreshed and NOT stripped and dry or irritated. I highly recommend everyone try just plain oats as a cleanser. It has no uneeded chemicals, so the worst it can do is just not work. Good luck!

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