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I Have Few Bumps But Pih !will It Even Matter To Him?

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hey pals!

this is my 1st post here on this forum.

i'll cut straight to my point.

i've few bumps here and there. and PIH - a very few dark ones(newly healed) but lots of lighter marks and spots.

i'm always so freakout about how i look when am suppose to be even anywhere near the guy i've a crush on.

i know it's not end of every thing and actually am least bothered i general.

he's older and mature and i believe older,mature guys are not bothered by,lets call it, silly flaws in a person.they are probably more stressed about how the person is or how good his/her work is...but then i guess i just lose it whenever i even think of going near him.

i'll be honest here,it's nothing serious and honestly i don't evn expect anything happening because we have several odds from both ends but i can't deny the fact that i've a crush on him.that's very strange of me,i know!sorry!

i would like to believe that i've a good persona(some (read my cousins) actually think am intimidating in a right way.grinwink.gif lol!) and dress well.i am presentable in everyway but for my face skin.i mean i've never had body acne and at the moment i dnt have any cystic big acne as well but i'm still bothered about the several post-acne marks..i feel ugly.

i know it's stupid of me..for when i see someone it's never just looks..in fact this guy is short and isn't the best looking man around!

mentality and lets say,brain are the qualities that i feel is attractive!!

but am not sure how people will see things..how HE will see things!like me or eh!??eusa_think.gif

although i've never let my skin screw my confidence and attitude in public but i fuss about it when with family or alone.

i act confident and stable whenever with others..i take care of all the other aspects like talking,walking,dressing and subject i stress on(which is more important i guess!).

so,what do u think?

i mean i dnt really have a question as such..it's just my immediate feeling that's bothering me.


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Most guys dont care about stupid flaws I have seen plenty of girls with acne get married, have kids go on dates and live normal happy lives. Men are attracted to women naturally and its not that complicated on our end. Most of us are dying for the attention of a female and that dude you like should feel lucky you are into him.

Approach him first if you haven't already. Not all guys have the "confidence" to approach a girl.

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