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Chinese Medicine/herbs/pill Safe?

I'm a 26 year old asian american male. I gotten bad acne since last year and nothing seems to help much. Recently my mother told me to go with her to those chinese medicine places in nyc as they have herbs for you to take that helps with acne. I had spoken to that guy and saw him and he gave he some pills to take, its 3 different pills and its 2 times a day.

Also given herbs to take and my has to boil it as thus its like soup in a way... its very very hard to drink. The taste is awful. I was told i do this for 1 week and if my face gets worst or doesn't get better, then don't come back as there is no solution. However, if it gets better, go back and see him to get more of these herbs/pill.s

I took this for 1 day but something just came into my mind. I had asked him if there was a name of these pills as in the english name and he said there was none. So then now im thinking... could this be like an accutane in a way? The reason this worries me is b/c accutane i know has very bad side effects. However, this chinese medicine person didn't mention any of this and just said take these pills.

I'm not concerned with the herbs as thats drinking it but the pills does scare me. Should i stop taking these pills? I just know its pills thats from china and it has no name but i'm kinda worried if it has some sick side effects.

Also does anyone here think its kinda bad that he says u should see some type of results in a week? I can't imagine anything taking 1 week and seeing results. Obviously this isn't a scam etc and this chinese medicine specialist seems to be a geninune guy... but i really can't fathom this working in a week.

Has anyone here went to a Chinese Medicine Herb Specialist for something like this? Again, i dont mind drinking the herbs soup but the pills im kinda worried. My mother said you shoudln't worry about it b/c its like antibiotics etc.

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I went to a herbalist before, I had great results, but it was only short - term.

The side effects I had were dizzy spells, very bad body odour, ( I couldn't every stand my sweat lol), and sharp pain in my liver area ( I couldn't even stand).

So I stopped taking it and my skin became worse because my body was cleaning out the stuff I was eating for the past two years.

check out my thread

These three things should help with your skin in a weeks time or so.

What exactly are you eating?

If you want quick results immediately you can try an ayurvedic soup (its brown rice+ split yellow mung beans). Eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hope this helps, lemme know if you have questions

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My stepmother is Chinese and she gave me some pills for cold once..and well they were amazing. I also take chinese herbs for bladder problems and pains, seems to help. I don't notice any side effects! Surely there is some writing in the western alphabet on there, they call it 'pinyin' chinese characters are converted into western alphabet. Then you can just look that up and google translate.

Now I get side effects from western Multi Vitamins (swisse multi etc) that contain herbs...! Like crying and depression and everything. Never had a problem with chinese stuff so far and I am SUPER sensitive

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