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Nick Hyatt

I Need Some Advice And Help

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So it was about November that i was trying to remove a blackhead and couldn't get it, then i ended up getting a big ass pimple like a couple days later same spot...took about 3 weeks before i could pop it, so i popped it like a dumb ass and it left a red mark/bump...well anyways it bugs me, really just brings down my confidence. I went to a dermatologist and they said that just give it time it might take a good 6-8 months to get my regular skin pigment back and flatten back out...it looks like it has gotten better but I'm not sure hasn't been 8 months yet but getting there...does anyone have any suggestions or advice?? I would really appreciate it =]

thank you



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The worst thing you can do is to pick at your skin. Since there is a scar there you can try, baking soda+baking powder+apple cider vinegar, this will prevent future black heads and used as a scrub it can act as an exfoliant, maybe 4 times a week, its should speed up the healing process.

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yeah i don't pick at it at all...the dermotologist said not to use anything on it and just my body heal it...i just wash my face in the morning at night...and use lemon juice on older acne scars which my acne is pretty much cleared up its just this scar on my nose now...thank you for the reply really appreciate it! =)

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