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Embarking On The Holistic Approach

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Hi everyone,
I am one of those who has been plagued by acne as an adult. Mild-moderate acne as a teenager. BP would keep me clear back then. Not so much in the last 1 year. I am a vegetarian by birth..:) I think this is heard of only in India. Eat pretty healthy. Excercise run 3-4k 3 times a week. I am pretty sure seeing this cyclic pattern in my acne I feel food is a trigger.
I gave up dairy 2 weeks back, and have decided to go gluten free from this week. I stopped BP about 2 months back and use only a mild facewash and moisturizer. My skin is not very oily but does get oily say after 8-10 hours. I have 3-4 days where I am very clear and then next 8 days I have 4-5 big cysts popping up. My forehead acne seems to have gotten better in the last few days. No new active ones there. I had big hard and painful ones there. I think the dairy is helping. I dont have typically adult hormonal acne around chin, but its on the cheeks and sometimes forehead. Predominantly on the cheeks. .
I looked pretty clear a week back but I noticed 3-4 really big zits in the last few days, and oranges, lemons and green tea are the only new addition to my diet. Reading many posts on the forum I see a strong link between oranges and cyst like acne (alternativista). So going to cut them out for a while to see if that helps.
Also I just found out my grandmom had severe allergies to tomatoes which she discovered at the age of 60..:D. So tomatoes were off her diet. As tomatoes also have citric acid, that is the next thing I am going to eliminate.
Any inputs on what I should be doing are appreciated
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am an indian too.=)

so i understand u being veggie by birth.

although make sure to get ur protein in right amount.

i'd recommend u to skip gluten after a few weeks may be.

this is an experiment.so u'd like to be sure that dairy is the culprit.

for example,i had left yoghurt (our very own dahi which was home made) for about a mnth.

i did have 2 small zits while i wasnt having it whereas after a mnth,when i started back again(had it twice a day for 2-3 days) i dint breakout.

that i think,means that i'm not intolerant to curd.(if not all dairy products).

2ndly,as for gluten.

try quitting it.experiment if u can.

but if the result is negative then i'd suggest to get back on whole grains etc

for i believe in balanced diet and carbs(roti/rice etc being our staples) are part of a balanced diet.

personally i've always had rice(white) and wheat(whole grain) since i was a kid even in my teen years(when btw i was all clear even though i had loads of junk food).i still have it and i would like to believe that wheat's got no connection with acne for me at least.

then,do u take any meds or supplement?

do u have insulin level issues which has a big impact on acne?

also,having an oily skin after 8-10 hrs is normal i suppose.

even when i get up in the morning i have oil(not too greasy though..probably because i wash my face with saslic before going to bed) specially around my nose or hairline etc

i'd suggest u take warm lemon water in the morning.

and cinnamon after meal(it lowers b-s level).

i've started green tea as well(i'm not mentioning any brand here unless needed).

u can ask away anything u want to.=)



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Thanks for your reply aana.. Really helpful.

I am aware of the protein factor, I make sure I have lentils(dal) everyday...:) I will try dahi after a while...I love it and being a south indian curd rice used to be a staple in my diet.

I am eating rice, cutting out roti has been difficult. I really dont want new big pimples at the end of the month as I have my grad school ceremony then. I am going to cut out roti till 28th april and try roti again. Somehow I dont think I am gluten intolerant, but I really want to be sure.

I take high dosage Vitamin D as I was deficient. My blood sugar has been good, few months back it was slightly on the lower side, but adding smaller more frequent meals has helped stabilise it. All my other stats blood pressure, minerals and vitamins came back good.

I am almost confident oranges were the culprit, I stopped eating them 4 days back and no big ones coming up, so it makes me feel positive. I was doing the lemon water in the morning, loved it, its a total cleanse..:) but after oranges I am a little worried to consume any citrus right now. Going to lay off all citrus including tomato which has lots of citric acid in it for a while.

Will add in cinnamon, thanks for letting me know.

If you could tell me which green tea brand it would be great, I consume bigelow, I do not know if it is good or not good. No sugars or anything added.

Thanks once again for your reply.

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i'm a college student and i understand ur point.i'd suggest avoid experimenting and have a stable meal untill u're done with ur grad ceremony.

dahi is good if u r not intolerant.it's got probiotic(although really less compared to the probiotic drinks)

but regular consumption will keep ur gut in good form.=)

as for cinnamon,ur sugar level on the lower side worries me.

cinnamon is suppose to lower blood sugar level.

u see,many have insulin spikes which makes them break out.so cinnamon helps.

but please be careful.

i wander how u got to know about vit d deficiency?

zinc is suppose to help with oily skin.

my derma had prescribed me zevit capsules(vit b complex + c + zinc sulphate).without any test.

i know someone here,who's intolerant to most citrus fruits except lemon and some other kind of lime.

as for tomato,i've heard it has lycopene(i guess thats what they said!oops!).so does carrot.they are a trigger for some people specially when cooked.but i dnt think i have such a problem.

in fact very few i know have that problm.

u can use any organic green tea packets.yes,make sure they dnt have sweetener.mine has cinnamon.

i bought one named naturecare.

i think its a future group product.but u can use any,really.

u needn't thank.its really alright.

u can ask away anything else u wanna know.


what washes do u use btw?meds?anything topical?

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Hi aana,

I am going to introduce dahi after my graduation. Do you have cinnamon raw or in what form? When I searched here I read about people taking cinnamon capsules. I like the taste of cinnamon so would like to just have it raw if possible.I will ask my doctor about me consuming it considering my sugar.

I had my yearly physical and my Vit D was really low. I was living in Seattle then where it rains alot and you dont see the sun much. I guess this should not be a problem for you in India..I have now moved to sunny San Diego and hope it would not be a problem for me soon..:)

4 days of eliminating citrus and there is just 1 small bump coming up, I had like 6-7 actives last Sunday. They are all slowly dying...:D

I checked my green tea has no sweetener.

I am just using Cetaphil facewash and moisturizer. Somehow after I stopped BP other than the active acne my face ooks clean and brighter..So not adding new things to this any time soon..:)

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am not sure about amy vit D level.

i have been home all day for mnths now.for personal reasons.'i do sit near the window and get indirect sunlight.i never use any sunscreen when at home or when outside after about4.30-5pm.

i chew on the cinnamon sticks.there are kinds they say.

i have two kinds(i dnt know them by names)- one is harder,thicker if i may call it and more juicier in that sense.its stronger in taste as well.

the other one though subtle in flavour,is difficult to chew.(one significant sign is they are more brittle).

i think u can get any raw stick.u'll have more or less the same effect.

(but i'll still re-check and go through blogs to see if i can get a proper type).

when u say bump,do u mean milia or just small zits?

when i say bump,i mean those tiny skin-colored raised heads.

cetaphil facewash is for dry skin(so am told) plus the moisturiser.

if u have a oily skin(or even combination skin)..u should be careful about it.

am sorry,i've got no idea abt how the weather is..but am from bengal(its not as hot as south that is) and i dnt use moisturiser.

except for winter seasons.

even i dnt use bp excpt for spot treatment.and thankfully i've nt had any active acne for more than a mnth.

i did have 2 small zits popped from two bumps..but i suppose they were hormonal.

i've never used bp except for spot treatment.

its harsh and it does make u darker.makes ur skin sensitive.

sometimes,i do use it on small bumps or white sharp heads(yes,i have those sudden attacks)..but just once at nice and carefully.

i use a aha wash twice(as prescribed) and am really pleased.

i'd suggest u consult ur doctor and instead of using high % ones (which most people here use)..go for a low% one.1% or even less.

if u have oil issues.

it cleans ur pores,unclogs them..keeps u dry for a long time and also removes the upper dead layersurprised.gif .


Edited by aanabill
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Hi sustakp!

From personal experience, I can tell you that eliminating refined sugar and dairy cleared my skin up in a matter of weeks. I later reintroduced cheese and butter, and found that they don't break me out.

Have you tried going off sugar? It's a trigger for many.

And it really sucks, because I've got a major sweet tooth. I always get clear from cutting sugar, stay clear for a few months, and then go and binge and it's back to square one. This time, I'm quitting for good.

The first few weeks are hard, but once you get through the initial period, fruits start tasting REALLY good. =]

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I dont have milia. I mean a real pimple, more like inflamed acne..My skin is normal to oily, but sitting in an airconditioned office just zaps all the moisture out. So I use very little moisturiser as and when I feel it is dry, some days no moisturiser. Actually aha worked for me beautifully before , I may think of using it sometime soon, good sugestion. I just dont want to irriate my skin more. My family says though there are few acne like 2 now and marks from the previous ones, my skin has a very healthy bright glow. I do not want to loose that. I understand the tiny whiteheads, I sometimes get them too. But it is rare...:) I was getting really painful ones which I was afraid would scar but cutting out milk and citrus has stopped them.

I know about the sugar connection, I am not someone who like sugar in general, not in tea, coffee or cereal..:) No big sweet tooth. Very rare indulgences. I like icecream but after giving up dairy not even that. But this weekend was the indian new year and we make some offerings to God in form of a sweet, and I did eat a little rice pudding which I had made. Anyways after meals I am chewing cinnamon sticks like aanabill recommends. I spoke to my doc and he said it is a good blood sugar stabiliser. She also said sugars though mine are on the lower side could cause acne, as my sugar in general is low.( higher 60s fasting blood sugar now., )because once I consume sugar the insulin spike is higher than most people will encounter. This is the first doc I have met who is willing to connect my diet and acne..:):) Will try to go sugar free for next few weeks and see.

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Hey I live in San Diego..:(

I am from Pune but lived in Mumbai quite a bit. I know a very good dermatologist in Pune-- Ashfaque Sayyed..very hard to get appointments with him but he is good from my and my friends experience. My skin has freaked out after I moved to the US and I dont see him anymore. I am not promoting him or anything just passing on the info.

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Its been about 7 days of elminating citrus and tomatoes and 3 weeks of eleminating dairy. I can see a big difference in the skin. I have few hard ones--residue of my orange episode but no new ones formed and I can see these are also dying.

Everything looked great last night, but this morning I see 3 white heads along my chin and 2 small ones on my forehead. These areas had been totally clear once I eliminated dairy from my diet. 1 week back I introduced almond milk into my diet. I eat 6-7 almonds daily so thought almond milk would be safe. Is this related to almond milk?

Also I had an allergy test for 6 diff foods done yesterday including dairy,gluten,citrus, nightshades. Could it be because of that?

My diet is usually:

morning:oatmeal splash of almond milk and half a banana.

snack: pumpkin seeds, almonds

lunch: rice, lotsa veggies, lentils

snack: blueberries and strawberries green tea

dinner: rice lotsa veggies lentils

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I love almonds, but they definitely trouble my stomach, especially if they haven't been soaked.

Your diet sounds nice. Do you eat brown rice?

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I am just writing to update.

I cut out almond milk from my diet and my chin acne subsided. I just have 1 left from last week, I think it did not agree with me.

I am going to stay off all milks for sometime and try raw goat dairy after a few weeks...any suggestions??

Also my face does not look red anymore and despite my acne my skin looks and feels healthier.

The cysts formed due to oranges are taking time to go away. Been 2 weeks now but its looking better. After cutting them out no nodules/cysts.

My major cause of concern is that I am still getting small whiteheads randomly on my face, currently 2 near my eyebrows and 2 near my sideburns.. Any suggestions/?

I am using an indian mask made of sandalwood, gramflour and water to lighten marks and I think it is helping.


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dnt just try/quit or change a certain something in weeks.

give it atleast a mnth,if not more.

u'll be able to differentiate and conclude better.

sometimes a certain thing effects body after days..so just be careful abt that!

thats what i feel.

i've heard gramflour(bengal gram flour i mean) doesnt suit many..does suit others!

if u're in the second group then go ahead..its suppose to be great for u!

red sandalwood paste is the best for PIH.

i'm chasing my whiteheads myself..saywhat.gif

do u use anything topical?

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Thanks for your reply anna. I have decided to keep at the same diet for 2 months. I started using a aha facewash at night.

I got my allergy test results and it turned pout positive for dairy. He asked me to avoid all dairy products for 2 months and then start reintroducing them back gradually.

No allergy for citrus or nightshades but I am still going to stay off oranges not like I crave for them.

If you dont mind could you share your diet and topicals?

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am glad u got the test done.

check for urself and let me know what's happening.

yes,i'd also suggest u avoid citrus for now.and add it later for test.

i use 1)salicylic acid foaming face wash twice daily.(before i go to bed and 1st thing in the morning).

i use 2)microbenz - bp(3%) for rare spot treatment on active zits or acne(i was doing good for more than a mnth.clear and hardly had to use any bp at all. i was hoping that it would get better for i wasnt having pre-menstrual zits/whiteheads as well...but i used lemon on pih and some bumps and damn!!)


next,i use 3)clingard(clindamycin phosphate gel) for spot treatment for acne,zits,bumps,whiteheads etc.i avoid bp on tiny spots etc for it seems to make that place reddish and more noticeable.

apart from that i sometimes use 4)NILTAN on the PIH. but its slow and i feel it clogs my pores causing whiteheads when used carelessly.

i wash my face many a times a day apart from the two cleansing routine.just splashes water.

and have zevit(its been abt 2 mnths) as prescribed by my derma.

my diet is here..


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Thanks Aana...Your diet looks good.

I am worried about falling off the bandwagon with respect to acne. My parents are here and I am meeting them after almost a year. And you know Indian Moms and all the Indian treats they prepare. I am trying to limit it but it was non existent till last week and this week I am having it, so it worries me a little.

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btw,i've added green leafy veggies(be it spinach,malabar spinach,jute leaves or any other kind of sak we get in india) of at least one kind which i have every evening(mostly) along with veggies like carrot,capsicum,ladies finger(okra).

simply sauteed in olive oil with garlic and ginger.

an egg with it.

its tasty and very healthy.

am sorry,somehow i never got notified and i missed reading this post.

i've read the other post of urs where u say u've got these zits after indulging.

i think its ur insulin spike.

(since u say its not intolerance)

indian curries and many dishes uses dairy ..so may be its the dairy that u dnt have!!

also,dont stress over what u're eating.

actually i have a piece of information for u.

see what our 'nodoubt147' has to say.


go through all the posts and check the one where she says indulging when u're stresses in moderation(on things u can tolerate) is okay.

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Thanks Aana....I have seen a lot of imptovements over the last few weeks with changes in my diet and leading an active lifestyle with 8 hour fixed sleeping cycle. I noticed something last week, I eat 1-2 chapatis daily, and never broke out. I would cheat ocassionally with dessert and never have any problems. I made methi parathas on Friday and ate 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. I got constipated yesterday (no daily usual bowel) and felt stuffy the whole day yesterday. I have 3 big zits today which I could feel like they were coming up since Friday.

I stuck to rice yesterday. Sorry for being gross but I had a round of slightly constipated bowels today(by products of friday) and normal bowels after and stopped feeling bloated.

Anyone else experience this?

I am definitely going to avoid wheat for few days and go back to 1 or 2 chapatis a day after a few weeks.

Edited by sustakp
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During the period I was clear I had one chapati daily in the afternoon..I think the amount also matters. As I started breaking out only after eating 6 that day...

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