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Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser And Jojoba Oil

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hello everyone this is my first ever post as i just signed up for some guidance..

i would say i have fairly mild acne, its not alot in any one area its just spaced out over my face so its not cystic and i dont very often have white heads on my face which is good, although i constantly have blackheads on my nose that are only really noticeable up close.

okay so heres my story ive had acne since i was around 15 (im now 20) the severeness has changed a few times.. in june 2012 i suffered a brain injury which landed me in hospital for 4-5 months in a coma for 2 weeks and body completely detoxed in that time. im saying this because before i had my injury my acne was pretty much gone without using any products what so ever, only washing my face with water in the shower. then i had my injury and as anyone who has ever been in hospital for a long period of time would know, they changed my bed sheets everyday, now i didnt shower everyday in those 5 months as i couldnt walk for a long period. now in a nut shell by the time i was discharged my skin was completely clear! and stayed clear for about 2-3 months but it gradually came back. now im not sure what cleared my skin whether it was because my body was detoxed while comatosed or that my bedding was changed everyday, or even that i was put on a water drip overnight a few times if anyone has a clue... enlighten me!

as you can imagine its very annoying having clear skin one minute and then back to acne! because we all long for clear skin and envy others who have been blessed with it naturally! -.-

now to the topic title.. i have seen alot of information/reviews about cetaphil some good some bad and even more info/reviews on jojoba oil ALL GOOD (can this be true!) what i would like to know is what shall i do?! wash with cetaphil- air dry then apply jojoba oil OR mix 1 or 2 drops of jojoba oil with cetaphil and cleanse? and also air dry? i am hesitant of applying oil to my face incase i break out badly.

to let you guys know i take 20 500mg capsules of vitamin b5 aka: pantothenic acid 10 before bed and 10 in the morning and im being honest here i feel they do help clear your skin a little and definately keep white heads at bay! also remove most of the redness around the spots the bad thing is you HAVE to stay stocked up because if you stop taking them, then start again you will get a few white heads over the week.

any information or advice would be greatly appreciated!

thanks guys

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Hey there! Concerning Cetaphil, I was very intrigued by the product myself. I was in Target one day and saw it, planned on buying it, but my mom stopped me and looked at the Up and Up brand cleanser right next to it. It's EXACTLY THE SAME, but $3 cheaper. No, it doesn't have a pump, but the bottle is very easy to control, and you only need a dime-sized amount for your entire face. I noticed results after the first use; my pores looked smaller and cleaner. I love how your face isn't tight after you use it- if a cleanser is doing that to your face, you either need to follow up with a great moisturizer or stop using it all together because it might be too powerful. The Up and Up brand and Cetaphil are both great for sensitive skin, which means it'll be gentle, but effective. The only thing is that they don't remove makeup, so you'll need to use makeup remover beforehand. (That was never an issue for me because I do that with every cleanser I use.) I'd recommend it for any skin type.

Concerning to jojoba oil, I've always been weary about putting oils on my skin because I have normal/combination skin, so I can't help you there. However, my favorite moisturizer is the Olay Original Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid in the white bottle. You don't need a ton at ALL and it works so well. I've noticed the biggest difference in my skin's texture and the amount of acne on my face. I never used to use moisturizer until a couple months ago. Before I used it, my skin was SUPER oily and gross. Now it acts more like normal/combination skin, which is so much easier to take care of.

If you're looking for a more natural product, mix RAW honey (honey that isn't raw doesn't have all the nutrients your skin needs), aloe vera gel, a couple drops of water, half a banana, and a small amount of lemon juice for an all-in-one product. The raw honey will work as an exfoliator to get all the dead skin cells off your face while moisturizing and calming the skin. The aloe vera gel will help to moisturize and heal/fade acne marks. The water will add moisture to the skin. The banana will add a yummy scent and more vitamins and minerals for the skin. The lemon juice will help to dry out the active breakouts and clean them out. (Just make sure not to use too much because it WILL sting where there's an active breakout!)

Don't forget that the makeup you put on your skin and the food you put into your body are also a factor in acne breakouts. Try going fresh-faced one day. (It REALLY helps.) Or if you can't go bare, use a BB cream/tinted moisturizer and concealer. It'll cut down on time in the morning (yay for five extra minutes of sleep!) and it provides a tiny bit of coverage to even out the skin tone, while the concealer works on the active breakouts. This is so much better than using a heavy foundation everyday. Another great thing to do is to take off your makeup as soon as you're done for the day; if you're coming home to just do whatever by yourself/with loved ones, do you NEED to wear makeup? Letting your skin breathe is so, so important. As for the food, try eating more strawberries, as they contain salicylic acid, which is great at fighting acne breakouts. Another thing is to eat foods like watermelon, celery, lettuce, or any other food with a high percentage of water. And be sure to drink lots of water during the day! Keep a bottle with you at all times. This will keep your skin moisturized and keep toxins at bay.

Here are some other great tips on keeping acne at a minimum:

- Meditation; this will help you relax and balance out your hormones, which are also a big factor in acne breakouts.

- Change your pillow cases every week; think about it: you are constantly putting your face on the same material every night for seven to eight hours, and it collects oil and dead skin cells during that time. Changing them every week will ensure that your face has limited contact with these acne-causing things. Don't forget to flip your pillows and use the opposite side, as well! And using silk pillow cases helps with preventing wrinkles.

- Exercise; if you have the time, exercise at least three days a week for half an hour, forty-five minutes each time. Make sure to do workouts that make you sweat. Why? Because when you sweat, you're sweating out impurities and toxins that cause breakouts. Just be sure to have a bare face and to wash your face after every workout session.

- Clean your cell phone; if you're the type of person to constantly text/call people, cleaning your phone is a great way to keep your face clean. Just use an electronic-friendly cleaner every week to wash away the oils from your hands and face.

- Keep your house clean; just make sure there is little to no dust every week by dusting every weekend.

- Spend as much time outside; your skin loves to breathe, and it loves the air outside.

- See a dermatologist; they can tell you what is causing your breakouts, which will make it much easier to control them!

I hope this helped! Sorry if this was super long.

Good luck!

Nicole (:

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Glad you're okay after your injury and hospitalization. My guess on why your skin was much better in the hospital would be the food. They don't give you fast food, soda, etc. You were likely getting a whole lot less processed foods than you do normally. Processed food is full of junk that makes our bodies not function as properly as it should.

For the Cetaphil, I would be cautious. I would suggest buying the cheaper Target brand and a small size. Many people react to Cetaphil with a breakout of whiteheads. CeraVe is the same way.

Consider using less chemicals on your skin. Black soap is great. You can buy raw black soap online from Amazon for about $10 and the bar will last you a long time. I do advise not to keep it in the shower, as it will deteriorate fast. I use SheaMoisture's black soap in the shower.

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It's gr8.. I started using cetaphil yday.. The way u wash makes a lot of diff... I use it with no water.. YDay- I massaged n wiped.. Left my face a bit red. TDay- I just put it without irritating n then removed patting it wit clean towel... Then cetaphil moisturiser. Rub it btw ur hand... N apply it over face... Try it.. Mostly it will help... Just ma experience.. Anyways it is just day 2...

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