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I went off of BC for health reasons in mid-December 2012. I had amazing skin for about 6 weeks (literally no acne) and then started breaking out like crazy every other week. I received a sample of Eclos cleanser and Eclos facial scrub 6 weeks ago and used them on and off for a couple of weeks. My skin ended up looking amazing- I got so many compliments! I was so impressed that 3 weeks ago I went out and bought full size bottles.

About 10 days ago, I noticed that I was getting a lot more whiteheads (not bumps with a white head, actual whiteheads) around my chin. I've always had a problem with my chin area having small whiteheads in different areas at different times so I figured it was purging. Then I noticed it was also happening on my cheeks- however, I've felt like there were little grainy bumps under the surface there for several months. Now I feel like my entire chin is covered in bumps (they're hard to see unless the light shines at the right angle but you can definitely feel them) and I'm getting very small zits on my forehead, cheeks and chin. The zits are mostly just clogged pores that come to a head in 24-48 hours and can be easily extracted. My face doesn't look "that bad" because most of these are staying small and there's hardly any inflammation. But when you look closely you can see the bumps, especially on my chin.

Does this sound like purging? The fact that the zits I am getting are healing so quickly and aren't at all infected (I'm not getting any liquid pus- just solid clogs) makes me think it might be, but if it's not then I don't want to keep using these products. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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I've been using the same stuff, same results! My chin has, for a long period of time now, been a trouble area for me. I used to work at a zoo and had fairly decent skin, apart from blackheads on my nose and chin. Ever since then, from the dirt in the air and doing all the dirty work, my chin has had 'bumps' on it. They will not turn into zits unless provoked, as in if I forget/or am too lazy to wash my face before bed, they will go rampant. With Eclos brand I have found that they have been breaking out a lot more. I am under the impression that transitioning to a new face wash product can increase breakouts for a short period of time- but this has been about a month and a half now. I have, however, noticed that the rest of my face looks fantastic! It is smooth and it always looks fresh, except for my chin. I hope you have found a new technique in ridding yourself of this annoying issue! I feel like there's no escape. I've been so wonderful to my face lately. I do only have the Eclos face wash and moisturizer and I have the "Live Clean" toner...they're all from basic organic ingredients, I'm told. Before this I was using, for toner, a pore shrinking one, which I found was clogging my pores because it seemed to be trapping the remaining dirt particles or whatever was left on my face after the wash and I was breaking out on my cheeks. I am loving the products scent and purpose but wish it would terminate whatever is taking place on my chin. I have never really had acne until the past 2.5 years...it's incredibly frustrating-- these are the days where we should be worrying about other things! I love going without make-up when I can, but my chin is ruining my confidence!
Please let me know if you have found anything that's fixed the white head / chin issues!

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Hey, pretty sure this was written a long time ago but it sounds like purging. I experienced the same thing on the Acne.org BP regimen after my major breakouts stopped.

Some people, like us, have skin which turns over pretty rapidly, creating these whiteheads seemingly overnight if we're not careful. Our bodies are Great at trapping toxins and holding them near the surface to stop any spread of infection.

I highly recommend getting a professional facial once every few months. They can pull out those impurities which are trying to make their way to the surface, open your pores, moisturize, and for me a 30% glycolic acid peel makes my face look like baby skin.

So, yes it's a purge, but the best way to stop this process from being chronic is to have it professionally cleaned out maybe two-three times a year.

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