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Hey guys,

So recently I've been acne free! It's a really nice feeling, but also kind of a bummer 'cause the hyperpigmentation that I'm left with is just as bad as my acne. Nevertheless, I'm really happy that I finally decided to try the Regimen after watching so many videos and reading so many good reviews about it.

Anyway, I'm Chinese and I find that my skin is really susceptible to hyperpigmentation. It's really frustrating because it can be a pimple that I have NEVER TOUCHED and just waited patiently - didn't even pop it! - and it will still leave a stupid red mark. I've had acne problems since I was 12 and I'm 22 now so it's been a good 10 years and a lot of my old red spots have faded....but I was wondering if there were any topical creams that you guys have used and had good results? I haven't tried the AHA+ yet but I'm planning on ordering that when I order my next batch of Regimen. I'm just looking for over-the-counter products, nothing that's necessarily prescribed.

ALL my hyperpigmentation is on my cheeks and temple (I attached 2 photos below).

Sorry for the grainy quality I was in a rush this morning..




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I'm Chinese too and the hyperpigmentation is definitely the worst part. Even if I don't pop a pimple and just leave it alone, it will always leave a mark and it's so annoying! I've had success over the last month with using organic honey to wash my face and to use it as a mask every night and I only use olive oil to moisturize. Also, I sometimes do a turmeric mask (though the stain can be a nuisance) or a Vitamin C paste. Drinking a lot of water, getting enough rest, taking vitamin D3, vitamin C, and eating well are very important as well. I recently started using Aqua Glycolic's facial cleanser, though I don't know how much of an effect it's had on fading my marks. But I think just overall being really gentle with my face and not using harsh products will bring down the redness. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your advice!

One question - when you say you use organic honey to wash your face, how exactly do you mean? Like do you mix it with water or do you just use it as you would any other cleanser?

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