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New Here Nervous Becuz I Start Accutane Tomorrow

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hello everyone.I'm not sure where to start without making this a book and I can't think today because my nerves are shot! But, my name is Liz I'm a SAHM who lives in Mo and I'm sick of the struggle... I won't leave house without make up, I put in my makeup and still don't want to leave the house because I can't cover the acne good enough to please me. I'm not active outside with my kids and so I'm missing out on the enjoyment with them all because in the sun I feel everything is visible to even the blinded eye.. I want my life back. I want s little confidence . I want to be able to look someone dead in the face for a conversation without feeling all they see is my acne. I walk looking down :( I go to my derm tomorrow and will be given my script for accutane and now that I'm at this point I'm more scared then excited... the side effects r scary to me... accutane was used in cancer patients how can that be OK for just acne with out horrible side effects? I have read about hair loss body aches and after stopping I have read about peoples own immune systems attacking their sleves.... I am just right now a mixed up mess. I have my babies who need me and I have to be OK to care for them but I also know they don't have me at 100 % now due to me being withdrawn and sad over acne I have dealt with for years and years :( BTW I'm 33.... can anyone tell me ur experience with accutane and help me feel better about this

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I had a horrible experience with accutane. Thinning hair that is still thinned, dry skin, wrinkles at an extremely young age, rosacea and thin skin. I was wrongly prescribed accutane for mild acne with minor scars. I've heard it work wonders for people. If it was me and especially after all I've learned I would never have ever taken accutane. I'd give anything to have never taken it, but perhaps if it is rightly prescribed and with careful monitoring side effects can be avoided. Pay close attention to anything out of the ordinary and ask for low dose. I'd rather try eating healthier and high intake of vitamin b5 over accutane

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Hey Carebear!

I know and can relate to your story. I have struggled with acne since I was 12 (I am now almost 23). Its such a struggle and it really attacks your confidence. I tried accutane when I was 18 and was on it for three months. The only side affects I got (which everyone gets) were extremely dry lips (aquafor will be your BEST FRIEND, you can purchase at grocery stores) dry skin and nose bleeds. I would ask your doctor about taking Vitamin E to help with the dryness. Drink LOTS of water. Honestly, accutane affects everyone differently. I stopped because I was anxious on it. I knew about all the side affects as well and was scared to try it. If your acne is severe enough and you have had it this might be the way to go. Don't let it scare you. You know your body. Watch yourself everyday and if you have any questions you can call your doctor. Your acne is affecting your happiness so its time to do something about it. I tried a drug called minocycline which many people take and love. I had a severe allergic reaction to it and my brain swelled. Any drug can be harmful just watch yourself.

Accutane did help my skin. My brother took it as well and it helped him. Go online and look up peoples before and after pictures and their "good" stories.

Also, I want to send you a link that totally changed my perception about my acne and beauty. I saw this video online and it made me cry. This gorgeous girl who is a vogue model struggles with cystic acne. Here in this video she does a makeup tutorial and her skin look incredible after. I wouldn't put on as much makeup as her but it was an incredible discovery for me. Check out her other video and know that you are not alone. Also, know you are beautiful despite your acne! smile.png

Good luck!

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