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Need Help Before Scarring!

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Hi all. I am new to the forums, so hello! I, like many, if not all of you have suffered from acne. However, this post is about a rather slightly different topic. Any help of any sort will be much appreciated!

For about a year, there has been a little what seemed like a blackhead trapped underneath my epidermis. I think it resulted from a full blown pimple that I avoided touching, but I can't quite remember since it has been so long. It has been sort of a hard bump on my cheek that for some reason up until today, I just could not get rid of. I would try to squeeze it but that hurt. I would pick at it but it was under my skin so that didn't help. Lately, I've just been picking and picking at it and finally tonight I successfully extracted it. To my surprise (and I'm sorry if this next part is a bit T.M.I) it was a hard white like "thing" (almost like a dried up pus of some sort).

I was so happy to have gotten it out although I wish I knew what it was so I could avoid it in the future, but I was stricken with yet another problem....the hole that the white substance was in. :/ I now have a hole from where the dried up "pus" sat and I don't know what to do. I really hope it doesn't scar and if any of you have any advice or tips, I would be so grateful.

Thank you!

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This has happened to me before. You most likely had a pimple in which the pus never came to the surface. The scar was formed when the dermal damage was done by the inflammation. It was only after removing what was leftover from it that you experienced an ice pick scar. Even if the pus came to the surface right away when the pimple formed, you most likely still would have had this small ice pick scar.

The hole will decrease in size, but will not completely go away in the coming days.

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