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Accutane And Its Cure To Eat Normal Again Without Diet

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Hi, I have mild acne that mainly comes with what I eat. Usually I break out with 1-3 Cystic pimples when I eat refined sugars or carbs. I've avoided these foods for a while and I stick to eating Meats, Fruits, Veggies and My acne has cleared up about 95%. I like the improvments, but I want to get to 99% and I WANT to be able to eat things like Pasta, cereal, cookies again WITHOUT breaking out terribly. This is where Accutane comes in. My Derm said he WOULD give it to me if I wanted. I'm visiting him in 5 days to get the prescp and I'm going to go for it. Q: Will accutane help me out by making it so food does not break me out? Basically, I'm asking will My face NOT break out when I eat grains again? Q: How long into accutane do most people see results? Week, months? Q: What are good items to keep moist..ex: Aquapore for lips, what else?

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Accutane will NOT fix your food intolerances. In my opinion, it is not worth the risk of side effects if you already know what your body is sensitive to. If you're breaking out from a particular food or foods then thats your body's way of warning you.

It depends on your body but most people clear up by the 3rd month

Aquaphor is ok or boots lip products

Good Luck

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I don't seem to understand.

Accutane = Decreases oil

Oil creates acne? If there is no oil, then how can I still get acne from eating foods? I don't understand....It should FIX my food intolerance. Is there any reason that it should not? Like can you explain the reason, because a few years ago I was able to eat MASS quanities of carbs and sugar and have almost zero to none break outs....

PS: I still do lightly break out from fruits and meats ect... I just have more or less random pimples that appear every other day or so...

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Not all acne is cause by oil production. Oil may make things worse but for some people, an inflammation in your body that is brought on by certain foods can trigger acne.

in any event, they why is not important as mass amounts of carbs and sugar are not good for you anyway and can lead to diabetes among other things. But it is your body so do with it what you will.

I think the overall goal for all of us is to eat as healthy as possible most of the time with a few allowances but only you can decide what that should look like.

Accutane can be a great remission tool but for a large majority of people, it is NOT a permanent fix.

Good Luck to You

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