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Poll: What Natural Methods Get Results?

Positive Natural Methods  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. What natural methods have you tried that have given SOME positive result so far?

    • Deep breathing
    • Daily aerobic exercise
    • Daily weight lifting
    • Increased water intake
    • Less dairy and gluten products
    • More leafy greens
    • Other diet changes
    • Positive thinking / gratitudes
    • Getting more sun & fresh air
    • Consistent sleep schedule
    • Changing location or environment
    • Something else
    • None of the above

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I'm super curious what sort of natural methods have worked for people so far. If you don't find the poll to include a method you've tried, please comment below and let us know what it is! I am really curious, and would love to know.

Please include anything at all besides drugs / creams / chemicals / pharmaceuticals / birth control etc. I am looking for life-style changes or natural techniques to implement.


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I am hoping for a lifestyle change because I believe skin reacts to overall health. I'm getting no results with creams and cleansers, so I'm thinking about going with lifestyle changes instead. However, I haven't heard about the oil cleansing method. What's that about?

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A combo of less daily stress, good sleep, light exercise, paleo diet (strict, probably most responsible for clear skin due to no sugar, dairy, or gluten), even when I eat paleo food I eat low glycemic...I am avoiding fructose too (because I personally have a sensitivity but its rare), daily vitex pill to balance hormones, daily "zinc for acne" complex pill, daily gel fish oil, increasing healthy fats in my diet like grass fed butter and coconut oil, a moisturizer (grapeseed oil) with linoleic acid content, vitamin d3 pill (essential), anti inflammatory smoothies. I use a tiny, tiny bit of bp on each cheek (like a dot, because they are my buggest problem areas, and i only hse it at night). I know it's a lot and I know it gets expensive especially when you're eating organic...but over time, this completely cleared me and cured some of my other horrible hormonal issues.

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