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Hair Removal When You Have Acne

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Hi, I'm just looking for experiences of others, facial hair obviously! I am increasingly hairy on face and this is being investigated but its embarrassing and unsightly, I'm worried about making it worse. I tried veet in the past but it burns, even the sensitive one and I can't afford to pay for treatments like waxing or threading all the time, I need to find something I can do. Is waxing with a home hot wax kit a bad idea? I've bleached in the past and this does help but some of the hair is resistant to bleach and needs to be removed, or is this making acne worse? I was thinking of trying an electric razor, a dry one just to minimise the length of hair without damaging my skin further perhaps

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I don't have excess hair but I am really anal about any hair on my face (or anywhere else on my body) so I constantly am getting my eyebrows threaded and once every 3 to 4 months I get the side of my face threaded as well. This does cause me to break out a little. Nothing major..just small tiny white dots that go away in 2 days but everyone is different so i would be extremely careful what you use. Especially if you're prone to acne. I would be nervous to use a razor on my face. I've never done it before but I would be terrified that the hair would grow back stubbly. Good luck though!

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I used an electric razor, it's a woman's one but I'm too scared to hair remove. I get my eye brows threaded but I'm so hairy a. It would take ages and really hurt and b. it would cost a lot!

The razor seems to have worked for now, it hasn't irritated me as its not too close being electric and the hair looks better but I got very upset doing it as I feel very manly and hate my body right now

The hair is just shorter, I haven't pulled it out at root.

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