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Mosey mom

Cholesterol Jump After Just One Month On Accutane 80 Mg

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after hearing my sons blood test was ok from the lab, the derm called and said his cholesterol has gone from 120 to 215 and asked me to lower his dose from 80mg a day to 60mg. However since I had already lowered his dose to 60 mg myself ( and notified them of it !! so they should already have known it was lowered grrr) i am lowering it again to 40mg per day for the next two weeks. My son drinks about a gallon of milk a day, so I went out and got him low fat organic milk and he's only allowed half a glass. Will give him omega 3 fish oil once a day and cutting out red meat. I hope this helps and it goes back down. If anyone else has any good advice please chime in :)

Edit: found out since I told him to eat with a fatty meal he's been eating hamburgers and pizza. Of course this in addition to sitting around in the house while waiting for ib to go away did not make things any better. He still hasn't gained a pound though. I wish I still had a metabolism like that. Note to all. Eat healthy on accutane

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I had high triglycerides after one month, so I started taking fish oil. The next month my triglycerides were fine but my cholesterol was high. What I didn't know was that taking too much fish oil can actually raise your cholesterol, so just make sure he's not taking too much.

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He hates taking the fish oil so we have reverted to salmon and salmon burgers 4 times a week. Boys are a lot more difficult than girls sometimes sheesh, :)

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