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18 Year Old Mild-Moderate Acn

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I'm 18 years old I first started to get acne when I was around 14-15 years old. I believe that it is hormonal based because I only get it on my cheeks.....I've been to the dermo and he prescribed tretinoin cream along with an antibiotic gel. I felt my skin was being more irritated and therefore discontinued this regimen. I have now limited my regimen to a salacylic acid wash in the morning and night. After each wash I use a %10 benzoyl peroxide cream over my pimples. I also us a sulfur mask 2-3 times a week. My skin is very resilient and oily. I've tried many facial scrubs/ointments and the ones that seemed to help were the mild face washes and the one that made my acne worse was the tretinoin cream. The pimples that I do get seem to be inflamed and red. Also i don't believe my diet is a factor because When i was training for a body building tournament for 6 months my diet consisted of no salt or carbs just veggies and fruit and some meat/protein. I've come to the conclusion that my acne is a result of stress and hormones. post-200457-0-18679700-1360780322_thumb.post-200457-0-81756600-1360780337_thumb.



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weight lifting/ body-building has been known to aggravate peoples skin. you could try and manipulate your hormones through diet but this will obviously affect your bodybuilding so its a no win situation really

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