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Hormonal Issues?

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Sorry if I'm in a wrong section of the forum. (Warning: don't read if you get grossed out easily)

There's something bothering me a lot lately and I should probably turn to doctors and gynecologists with this, but as I can't afford a visit right now. Need to wait until the 25th of February, but it's worrying me too much and I would appreciate some opinion.

First of all my cycle got abnormally long, it goes up to 40 days, while the average is around 28. Second - despite very clear and harsh PMS I barely even have my period when it comes. It's maximum 2 days and I can easily just use the daily thin sanitary napkins. Sometimes it goes unnoticed and when I tell my female friends they're like: "you're so lucky!!", while I don't think I'm lucky, there's something not normal with this.

I don't suffer from anorexia and eat well. Neither do I have too much of physical activities daily. But I also get these weird cramps on the sides of my stomach, slightly lower than those pointy bones below the waist (don't know how they're called) and I never know if it's stomach ache or something different. Today I'm supposed to be having my period 40 days after my last one, but there's only few drops of dark brownish blood. Got so much pain on the side of my stomach and could barely walk back home from the gym. What the hell is happening? Are those hormonal issues or could be something more serious, like ovarian cysts?

Help :(

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It seems 40 day cycles aren't abnormal necessarily. I mean I Googled it just now and it shows up a million times.

It's best to try to relax... I'm a hypochondriac somewhat and I used to drive myself nuts assuming the worst. Ovarian cysts have all these symptoms:


And I don't think I remember you mentioning all of those? Or most of those? Or even a lot of those?

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Have you ever been tested for PCOS? You can be tested with blood tests, they can check your hormone levels also they can do an ultrasound on your ovaries. You will have the appearance of a string of pearls on your ovaries, which will be follicles. PCOS can cause your cycles to be late or for you to miss several periods at a time. Other than the whole period thing, some symptoms would be acne, hirsutism and excess body weight, especially around your mid section. Ovarian cysts can cause lower abdominal pain, not the little PCOS ones but proper ovarian cysts.

If the pain is severe you should probably go to the emergency room as you never know if one of your ovaries is twisting, or if there was a cyst that had ruptured, or it could be something unrelated.

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i had all of these symptoms, every single one that you explained. I have/had pcos and i saw an endo who was able to help. you are fine with your nutrition and exercise, but please get tested for pcos. it can cause long cycles and scanty menstrual flow and pains in the lower abdominal area. keep us updated.

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