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Dermabrasion Or Fraxel Repair With Recell

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I had discussion with a cpl of doctors in the UK for ReCell combined with an invasive treatment. I am planning to travel to the UK in the coming months and shall decide accordingly.

One suggested Dermabrasion and recell (Dr. Maini) , while the second fraxel, subcision and recell (Dr. Khan). Dr. Khan's view is since recell was intended for burn victims, the skin needs to be burnt off using laser, and his work can be seen in ernestoria's thread

I should mention i have brown skin tone (indian) and my scars are almost like Ernesto's.

A lot of texture issues along with bigger pores and wider ice picks have been documented by individuals who have gone through Dermabrasion alone. Will recell be able to negate all those complications.

Also, which holds more promise on their own (i-e without recell) Dermabrasion or Fraxel Repair?

I would like some intelligent feedback from the members regarding which option they think is better and why.


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yep i think dr khans method is the one to go with, we have no evidence as to the success of dermabr and recell but with ernestoria we have good evidence of the potential from that treatment! go with what you know!

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I think the complications from the dermabrasion really depend on how deep they go. I have read recell cannot go that deep, so if you get damage from the deeper fraxel repair it may not get deep in there, it is more superficial. Fraxel repair has been known to cause significant complications as well, but I think a lighter dermabrasion with recell is safest, if your scars are not incredibly deep. If they are, you may need subcision along with another treatment. Also repair is going to leave some areas untreated, so you always need multiple sessions to see true improvement. Dermabrasion, you can whack all that scar tissue in one go.

Also, just go with a doctor you trust, because that is key, good luck and let us know how you do!

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Dear Raj

Sorry if there has been a misunderstanding.

Our procedure would be do do a light peel with a laser then use dermabrasion to get the area smooth.

Smoothness cannot be achieved with a CO2 laser alone be it a Fraxel or any other because it takes the skin off to a specified depth, both from the top of a scar AND the bottom.

The skin remains just as bumpy but thinner if this is used alone.

Any improvement with the Fraxel method is due to dermal remodelling and nothing to do with Recell.

With our method we are taking the scars down to a SMOOTH finish as if one were sanding a block of wood.

This will achieve a far better long term outcome than Fraxel alone. (We have Fraxel and ordinary CO2)

Thank You

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Thank you for the clarification, I am sure this information shall help other members of this forum in understanding the technique.

I will be in touch shortly.

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From what i've read - dermabrasion usually gave slightly better results - depending on how deep they went, but it had a huge amount of risk. Supposedly recell reduces a large amount of that risk, but I'm sure there's still some risk involved. If taking on the risk - I think the old school co2 lasers work even better than dermabrasion?

I don't really see the point of using recell with a fractional co2 (maybe it makes sense for you since you have a brown skin tone), but I don't think recell provides that much improvement to scars, rather it reduces some of the risks associated with the procedure. Is that worth 3-5k though, not sure.

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