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Hey guys!

So I know a lot of people on here try billions of products looking for the one for them. Well I'm here to share a method that's not only cheap, but extremely effective and very gentle on your wonderful face.

So some background about me and my blemish history

Firstly I had mild, then moderate to severe cysts from around age 15 to 18. Mostly around my jawline and around the sides of my hairline. My skin was very oily, always felt dirty. I had tried hundreds of prodcuts like most others, went to derms, etc. etc.

Over the course of my teens I figured out a few things:

1. My diet didn't matter

2. My blemishes weren't hormonal

3. I could NOT use Salycylic Acid or even BP

4. No amount of supplements seemed to make a difference

5. Nothing seemed to be working!

I'm 2O now, and have been literally 99 to 1OO% clear for 2 and 1/2 years now ( this includes scars ). 99% every once in awhile because we all get that stray pimple, no one's perfect.

So here's what I do. Nothing fancy at all:

My Regimen

Morning & Night

1. CLEANSE: Cetaphil Daily ( "Oily" in Canada ) Facial Cleanser w/ a Clarisonic Brush

2. EXFOLIATE: ONCE a week with Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub

3. TONE: Mixture of half water and half Spectrum Organic Unfiltered AVC. Apply and let dry. Then mix 1 TBS of Epsom Salt with warm water ( doesn't matter how much, I usually go for 2/3 ) Apply and let dry

4. MOISTURIZE: I actually very rarely moisturize, and if I do it's only on small areas that are dry with Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

And that's pretty much it! How simple and time saving is that? A routine that doesn't take half an hour every morning and night.

I don't take any extra supplements, I exercise. I'm sexually active. I eat rather healthily but I don't avoid anything in particular. I have NO scars, currently NO blemishes. If anyone's interested, I use Dermablend Corrective Foundation by Vichy for a spot corrector for when I do get the unusual pimple. http://www.vichyusa.com/_us/_en/face-care/makeup/dermablend-corrective-foundation.htm

It's a liquid foundation, is super light, lasts FOREVER ( 1 tube lasts me a good year and a half with how little I use ), and it doesn't flake!

With this routine my face has never looked or felt better. It's no longer dry or oily. I can even fall asleep with my makeup on occassionally with no consequences. If anyone feels like trying this out, let me know of your results!

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I have to agree on the use of ACV. I've dropped everything and simply use ACV internally and externally and my face is looking very good and feels even better. Give your skin a break from all the chemicals and it will thank you. Congrats on your clear skin.

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