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The Regimen In Sweden

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Hi there! I'm 18 years old and i'm from Sweden. I have mild acne but i really hate it and i don't even want to go to school anymore just because of the acne... I wonder if there are any products in Sweden that has the same ingredients (or that don't have the bad ingredients anyway) as the regimen?.. I really want to order dans regimen but i read today that it's not sure that the package will get to me of some strange reason so i can't order from acne.org -.-

Are there anyone who can give me som tips of other products that are similiar to the regimen? in sweden.. I have already read "the guide of other products" but i can't find these products in sweden either.

Now i use a cleanser from bioline but i can't buy it anymore 'cause it too expensive.. And i use basiron ac as treatment (BP 5%), this is the product with least BP in Sweden. As moisturizer i use neutrogena oily free but I will replace this too becasue there is menthol in it wich sting a lot! I've read that aco's spotless moisturizer is good so maybe i'll choose that on after my other moisturizer.

So if anyone can give me some tips i will be very happy!biggrin.png

PS. excuse my english

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Welcome! There was a topic on products available in Sweden somewhere, written in Swedish. I think in the International Supplies section. Anyway, what you can also do is to order cleanser and moisturiser from the UK. Not sure how the price compares to Swedish products, but the Cetaphil range is inexpensive. The shipping costs a bit though, so I'd order plenty each time. I used to do this while Panoxyl was still available, now I'm not sure what the best way is.

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