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Myra's Nhs Accutane Journey [With Pics]

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Hi Guys!

Im new, I have been lurking here while deciding if I wanted to take accutane. Obviously I've decided to bite the bullet, Im 24 now and Im fed up of having horrible skin for the past 10ish years. Im 5 foot 6 inches and weigh 55kg.

A bit of background information:

I have persistent acne, I have tried drugstore to high end skin care brands for years, home remedies, antibiotics, topical creams. While they helped maintain the acne they never actually got rid of it.

My cousin in Germany saw a dermatologist who helped get rid of her spots so while on a family holiday I went to see him. He offered me accutane straight away however I wanted to try everything else before going on the drug (and have Drs here give it to me if needed). He prescribed me antibiotics, topical cream and a facial soap (same things as my cousin). They didnt help at all, made no difference.

I went to my GP for more antibiotics who actually suggested accutane and sent a referral to a dermatologist, this was back in November). After a huge palaver I finally had my appointment last week, bloods taken on the same day (already fasted for 12 hours because this forum gave me the heads up). Since Im a lady the derm made sure I was on the pill, I have been for 3 years and she wrote me a prescription for accutane and said she would phone me with my blood results. And here I am.

I've taken my first pill today, 20mg daily. I wanted to keep a log to share my experience, good and bad. Im not going to lie, Im scared to take this and made my feelings known to my derm, and Ive told everyone who needs to know I am taking this drug so they can keep an eye out on me. My mother is a bit worried about it but she understands that Ive tried everything and I just want clear skin.

I would appreciate any advice and am happy to answer any questions anyone has aswell!

Hopefully everything will turn out great and I can make it though all the initial breakouts, dry skin and trauma of being on this drug.

Im including pictures, I dont really want to show my face. But seeing the changes and results will be helpful for other people who might want to go on accutance. And its nice to see progress.

For all of those who stuck til the end of this long post, thank you!!!




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Good luck! Make sure you moisturize like crazy! Drink lots of water too. smile.png

Thank you for the advice!

Your acne really doesn't look bad, it looks like it's mostly hyperpigmentation.

Thanks for saying it doesnt look bad, but I didnt put up the bad pictures because Im embarrassed about them. This is me on a good day. I do have hyperpigmentation but I always have cysts and active spots.

Good luck smile.png

Thank you!

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Day 7

I have taken accutane for a week now. So far I have had no side effects, maybe its too early to tell. I did have an almighty headache on day 2 and back pain on day 3 but I cant say its accutane because I get these two things on a regular basis. No change on the skin front, I didnt expect there to be any.

Hopefully time will fly by this month before I start to see some changes.

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Day 19

Sorry i've been MIA lately, I had a cold and been busy. Time has flown by while taking this medicine. My skin got better, I dont know if thats because of accutane or because Im on a new contraceptive pill but doesnt matter since its gotten worse. Lets get to side effects, my skin has been a bit dryer, not overly so and my lips as well. I think Im in the initial breakout stage because i have about 4 spots, some are already active and others I can feel brewing under my skin, they feel like a lump. So far thats all I have to report. Ive added some pictures for you guys to see, not that there is a difference.





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The dermatologist put me on the low dosage, I have my appointment on Tuesday with them so if they don't put me on a higher dosage I will suggest it myself.

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Day 26

Hello everybody! I had my monthly check up with my dermatologist. Firstly, I had to wait and hour and 20 minutes over my original appointment time because the clinic was running late. So frustrating, I was starving because I was fasting for my blood tests.

When I finally got in to see the dermatologist, they said they could see an improvement with my skin. Which is true since people have noticed and commented on my skin. I think its less red and aggravated looking, so thats good.

I was meant to take a pregnancy test there but its that time of the month so there was really no need. Thinking about it, it will always be that time of the month when I see my derm so that will be awkward with taking the pregnancy test. Lets move swiftly on from this strange topic.

I told them how the only side effect Ive noticed is dry skin really, nothing else. We decided to up my dosage to 40mg (from 20mg for those guys who are wondering what I was on before) which I will start taking on Friday.

I didn't have to take a blood test which was annoying since I fasted for it but the dermatologist said I would take one next month.

I will take some pictures on Thursday/Friday since that will be the end off month one and beginning of month two.

If you guys have any questions feel free to ask!

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Day 31

Hi guys sorry about being MIA, its been a crazy weekend. I just realised I didn't put up my height and weight in my initial post so I have edited that one (its 5 foot 6 inches and 55kg for those who don't want to scroll up). So far the my nose is getting dry, the bridge of my nose. Its a bit scaly. Thats all really. I think it will get worse since Im on 40mg a day now. Nothing else to report. Ive taken some pictures, so you guys can see the progress.





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Day 33

Hi everyone, I got a huge brewing cystic spot on my cheek. Its red and bumpy and horrible. I was disappointed that this happened. My skin was getting clear, now this decides to pop up and say hello. Just just got to work through it. The dermatologist did say that I would get flare ups, I guess this is it. I took a photo so you guys can see.

Any questions, just ask!



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damn ..i hope i get on this yours dont look that bad! if anything just chill and dont stress...

Hopefully you will get on accutane. Mine is not that bad but the thing is I have been on so many antibiotics and nothing made it budge. I have gotten a lot of compliments saying I have less breakouts since starting accutane. This recent breakout disheartened me because it was the first one in a while. But like you said I will have to chill out and not stress out about it.

Day 39

Soooo my spot has gone down, it popped/and I squeezed it. Gross. I know I shouldnt have! but I couldnt help myself.

Nothing new on the side effects part. My skin is dry, but nothing thats noticeable, I just slap on some lotion after washing my face and thats done till I wash it again in the evening. Lips, dry again but I am constantly putting on lip balm. I find that carmex is rubbish for me. Makes my lips flake in a none dry way. If that makes sense at all. Blistex is the way to go. But thats all.

Ive included a picture of the spot I had before, I took it on Sunday so you can see how its healed. It was a big cystic spot that turned into two white heads. It was a monstrosity.

Any questions. Ask away.

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