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First Day!

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Okay so I just got the regimen and I have a quick question. It says to use the BP once a day for the first week only and then move up to twice a day. So what I'm wondering is if I apply it in the morning (all 3 treatments), do I then only apply the cleanser and moisturizer at night? Or do I not apply them at all? Oh yes and one more thing, since I only have a bit of acne around the chin area and some around the jawline, do I really need to apply the bp all over the face? I just don't want my face to get really red or flaky if I don't need it in some areas because school starts in a week lol and I'm a bit self-conscious. Thank you in advance smile.png any answers are greatly appreciated!

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Yes, only apply the bp in the morning, but still do the cleanser and moisturizer at night. My recommendation would be to do the bp at night though. It will allow you to care less about what you look like since you won't be going to school or anything after, and it will save you time in the morning getting ready before school if you do the bp at night only for this first week. Obviously after this week you will be doing it both though. As for applying it all over or not, I wouldn't apply it all over if I just had acne on my chin and jaw. Just apply to those areas, but make sure you get the nearby surrounding areas as well. Like for your jaw, apply up your chick about half way, don't just out it right on the pimples and leave it. You need to treat the surrounding area as well. But for your nose and forehead, for example, no reason to apply there if you are only getting acne on your chin and jaw.

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Thank you very much! That's just what I needed to know and yea I figured I'd do it at night so that way I won't have to deal with the itchiness as much. Alright I'll be sure to apply it in the surrounding areas, but would the cleanser and moisturizer still be applied all over? Or all in the same area? I really appreciate your help :)

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Don't use the BP in the morning, use it at night because you wont be out in the sun. But when your skin gets used to it which will probably be after a couple weeks, I recommend using BP twice a day, because thats what really clears up the acne. But for now you can use it once a day. Then use the cleanser and the moisturizer at night until you're ready to use all three steps twice a day. You dont need to apply BP all over your face if you only have it in one specific area, but your still probably going to get dry skin, considering most people do when the start the Regimen or use BP for the first time.

Hope I helped.

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Cleanse your face all over twice a day, but it would be up to you to decide if you apply the moisturiser all over or only the part of your face that you are treating with BP.

Good luck with it all :)

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