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Im a British 14 year old girl, i take really good care of my skin and i never forget to wash my face or take my make-up off...I have mild/moderate acne and it's horrible. It absolutely rules my life, I won't leave the house without make-up on, I try to avoid any situations where my make-up could get rubbed off, I've come up with a million excuses at school for not going swimming so that my friends don't see what my skin is like... They all have perfect, glowing skin and I feel so ugly being the only one with red bumps and loads of black heads on my face. A lot of them critisize me for wearing make-up but the dont know what it's like. I'm currently on lymecyline and skinoren, if anyone has used this I would really like to know if it works or just their general experience with it

Thanks xxx

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I am also a 14 year old British girl. I have severe acne and have been on Lymecycline for nearly 5 months now. I was prescribed it at the same time as Dianette (a form of birth control pill). So each morning for 5 months I've been popping these 2 pills and have actually had great success; the majority of my acne has cleared up.

However due to the severity of my acne I have been left with severe hyper pigmentation (red marks) and scarring so my dermatologist prescribed me... Skinoren!! It is supposed to help with hyper pigmentation as well as acne. I have only been using it for 2 weeks now but it is helping with the active acne I still have.

So.. has it worked? Yes, so stick with it, have patience and keep hope, my friend. I totally understand how much acne affects your self confidence. I'm guessing you can relate you never feeling attractive, feeling like people are only looking at your skin and, probably the worst one, having your skin look so different to everyone else's (plus I have a beautiful twin sister with perfect skin which I know is constantly being compared to mine).

A word of advice, if the Lymecycline and Skinoren don't work for you, then ask your doctor about going on a birth control pill because girls with less serious cases of acne than mine have had excellent result with it (and it makes your periods soo light and much less painful).

Also, I always thought that wearing make up when you have acne was really bad (although I did it anyway) but my derm recently told me that as long as you remove it all before you go to bed and make sure all your brushes/hands are clean when you apply, then it's fine so you can tell that to who ever is criticizing you tongue.png

I wish you all the best, oh, and here's a dancing banana banana.gif

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