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When Will I See Some Accutane Progress?

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This is not my first rodeo with accutane but it is my most memorable. I am almost 100 days in and i just took pictures and i have to say that i am super disappointed. My skin looks almost as bad as when i started. But anyway, my question to the forum is this:

Anyone else noticed improvement happen later in their course? When did you notice consistent improvement? I feel as if this cycle is never ending....sigh

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Have you asked your derm about it? Could it be the topicals interfering? You're more than halfway through, so I imagine that when you are done and compare pictures, there should be a considerable difference! Good luck Sasch :)

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Thanks Tim! I am not on any topicals and haven't been since July 1st 2012. I will speak to my derm because in all honesty, i am getting mega worried. If this doesn't work, i don't know where else to turn

what dosage are you on?

60 mg ...my weight fluctuates between 145-150 and i have been on this dose since the beginning of my course.

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Hmm 60 mg is a decent dosage however you may need an increase! Some people do experience accutane kicking in at the start of the 5 month so really late on you might be one of them. I could put money on accutane working for you! do you have any progress pictures?

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