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What Product You Use Atm? (Post Pic)

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very simple, just post a pic (preferable) of what you use RIGHT NOW, and answer to few questions about them, im curious...

(only topicals from stores)

heres what i use:


1- how long do you use it?

2- what are the effects?

3- do you use it first time?

4- do you have sensitive skin?

5- do you reccomend this?

(my answers)

1- 2 months

2- cleanses well, removes dirt and bacteria well, less breakouts alot

3- no

4- yea, pretty much

5- yea, but i wipe and pat with very damp cotton of tea a bit afterwards (let it work some) cus its very drying

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This sounds so fun! But sadly I don't use any otc products for my acne; I have to stick with prescription. it's been shown time and time again otc doesn't have the right formulas for my skin -_-

But very cool thread!

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1-I just started using this product morning and night

2-Visibly reduces breakouts and redness quickly

3-not sure what this question is asking? This is my first time using it.

4- yes I have sensative skin

5- yes I recommend this so far, but I have only been using it for 3 days



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Hi :) I use the Clean and clear deep cleansing lotion as well, I love it!

I use simple face wash and sometimes clean and clear exfoliating face wash. I have started using Clearasil spot cream which seems to be working.

I love dermalogica and simples moisturisers and I use a face mask about twice a week.

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1. How long have you used it?

I've used these products for about 3 years

2. What are the effects?

Soft, silky, clear skin!

3. No idea what this question is asking

4. Do you have sensitive skin?


5. Do you reccomond this?

I reccomond these products 11O%

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^ sweet, but do you use epsom internally or do you apply it on skin or do you bath in it? i wish i could get cetaphil too but its not where i live.

3. question is wheter you use this product first time or did you bought it more times already

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