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I Don't Know What To Do In My Acne

Hi guys..! my name is Ralph. Im 16 years old and I live in the philippines. It's a tropical country in Southeast Asia and always hot and irritating. I have also severe acne like most of here. Ok here's my story. Our family has a history of having an acne. Even my mother had an acne before and also my uncle and my aunties. They already experienced having pimples all over there faces and battling on it. Well actually I consider this as a curse in our family. This acne in my face is a curse.

I started to have acne when I was about 13 yrs old. And as time goes by it became worse and worse. But I also didn't gave a care to it so I think that's my greatest mistake in my life sad.png and until now im still hopeless. I just started to do some actions in on some part of june 2012 and it's now 2013. I tried every soap, every toner. The acne is just getting back. And the one thing Im scared about is that im starting to have scars now. But it's just mild. But no, it's still scar. Actually i don't want to see myself in a mirror coz I see myself as an ugly person or somewhat, a monster. I really feel disgusted when I see other people having a clear skin. I know so many persons that stays up late, smokes, drinks alcohol, doesn't wash face morning and evening and yet they totally have clear and radiant skin.

But now Im trying to see a dermatologist to ask for some medications to treat my acne and fade it away. I really need this coz Im gonna move to uk by the end of march this year. I don't want British people to disgust me or something like that.

So im gonna post some pics of my HORRIFIC AND TERRIFYING ACNE


Please also give me some advice for getting rid of it :) thanks



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Hi sweetie! This sucks, I know. You have pretty severe acne, and given the climate you live in, I would say you need to go to a dermatologist and ask for some help. Accutane may be the way to go since it's so hot and humid keeping your skin dry is going to be nearly impossible.

Other things I would suggest is be as gentle as possible with you skin. No picking! If there is a whitehead just ready to go, sterilize a small needle, and gently poke it open to release the pus. NEVER SQUEEZE!

Also, no scrubbing or rough soap. Your skin is raw and inflamed and needs to be gently treated in order to heal. Honey wash or Oil Cleansing Method is great for drawing out impurities, calming the skin and preventing oil buildup. Stripping your skin all the time is damaging.

Start there, feel free to message me, and go to a dermatologist! Best wishes!

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