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It Is Time For My Struggle With Acne To End

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Hello Acne.Org Members :)!

I've been struggling with Acne for a long time, it first started in highschool and now I am old enough to be in my third year of university (currently in second because I took a year off) but I still look in the mirror with pimples coming and going and constant redness from it in my face. Now I've tried numerous things (dermatologist would've given me perscription for accutane but I thought the risk wasn't worth it and that i could find an alternate) but I haven't tried them religiously. But now that i'm turning 21 this year, I don't want to be that guy at 22,23,24 that still has acne on his face. Enough is enough. I plan on getting products for the Regiem and fixing my diet, I do have quite a bit of dairy because I drink a lot of milk for protein because I am an avid weightlifter and no doubt I consume some not so good for you carbohydrates I can cut out if I knew it would help.

If anyone can point me in the right direction or give me some advice it would be deeply appreciated!

I would like to be able to still have a diet that allows me to get enough grams of protein for my weightlifting goals.

Typical things in my diet include


Whole Wheat Bread

Oats (I make oatmeal with milk and brown sugar)

Chocolate Chip pancakes


Chocolate Milk

White Milk


Milkshakes at McDonalds

Protein Shakes

Meat & Alternatives



Slices of turkey or chicken


Fruit and vegies

Apple Juice


Sometimes i make smoothies with frozen blueberries and strawberries


Canned Vegetables

Diet pop

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I know how you feel. I don't have a very good diet either... actually a pretty bad one because I'm a college student too so it's not the easiest to eat well. I can say that I have tried eating healthier and I really didn't notice a difference and it wasn't worth it after a while to give up all the foods I loved that were supposedly bad for my skin. I can't quit the dairy either though! For now I'm just trying to drink a lot more water and see if that helps. If you do try the healthier diet, good luck to you and I hope it works!

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Welcome :)

Yeah I know what you mean. I'll be 20 this year and definitely feel like acne shouldn't be something I'm still dealing with. But unfortunately it is, so hopefully I can make it 'a thing of the past' this year.

Check out the nutrition section of the message boards for better help / info about diet and acne. I guess the main things would be increase veggies/fruit (but more veg than fruit), drink more water and cut 'junk' foods and drinks. A lot of people suggest cutting out dairy too but as with anything, make sure to do your own research too before making up your mind about what to try.

Good luck with it all :)

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