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I've visited this site for quite some time now so I figured I might as well join! I've been struggling with acne since I was in middle school and I'm now in my second year of college. There's been a lot of ups and downs since then... I've tried most of the main name brand products you can think of before I went to a dermatologist. Then I tried all those prescription creams and antibiotics and when none of that worked, I went on accutane. Accutane changed my life. It was rough going through it but the results were incredible. I didn't have a zit for at least a year after being off it. I completely forgot the horrors of acne and the fact that I even had it after accutane but it has slowly creeped back up. It isn't as bad as beforehand but it still feels like a kick in the face. I really thought the pain was over... if you have taken accutane and it has worked for you, I am very happy for you! I just wish it would've lasted for me.

I no longer have insurance so I can't go back to a dermatologist unfortunately as I really liked visiting the one I had! Lately, I have been trying some random products I read good reviews for with no luck really. I bought a product today called Zapzyt and I'm really afraid to try it as it has 10% BP and I haven't used BP since before accutane and don't really remember the results. I just have read that some people have some bad reactions to it and I don't want to have red, swollen, flakey skin or anything like that. If anyone has any experience with this product, let me know!

Anyways, I guess I'm just tired of this acne stuff. It kind of ruins my life every day and I'm always worried about being out in public and people seeing my skin. I keep thinking back to the short time my skin was beautiful and it kind of sucks. I thought acne was a genetic, teenage thing that I would grow out of. My friends have great skin and I get really hurt when they complain about one nasty pimple because it makes me wonder what they think of me... sorry, I'm not trying to be a downer! Well, this is my first post here so I look forward to chatting with other acne sufferers and hope we can all win this battle together :)


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I haven't tried Zapzyt but 10% BP may be too harsh - especially when starting out on BP.

2.5% BP may be a better option as it is supposed to be just as effective as 5% and 10% concentrations but with less irritation such redness, dryness, flaky skin. You'll probably still get those 'side effects' but they'll be less than if you used a higher concentration and your skin should adjust in time. If you want to use the 10% though, then I'd suggest to use it sparingly.

And yeah I know what you mean about having friends with perfect skin who complain over the odd pimple. It makes me feel so awkward (and frustrated) - I don't really know what to say in those situations. Basically, I'd switch places with them in a heart beat. To me that's clear skin. The odd pimple every now and then I could deal with! I'm tired of acne too.

Hopefully none of us here has to deal with it too much longer! :P Hang in there and welcome to the site :)

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