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Unexpected End To Accutane Use

So I went through 2 months of Accutane. First month- 40mg Second Month-30mg 2x a day with 10mg Prednisone.

My 7 day window ended without me realizing. My doctor called to let me know I would have to wait until next month to start my next month, out of frustration I decided to just end my treatment all together because Track starts next month and I have severe joint pain that I would not like to deal with during the season. I have no current cysts on my face, any a few small pimples along with the inflammation left from the past cysts. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced any consequences in ending their treatment early. Let me know please! Did your acne/cysts come back? Did you end up going back on accutane after a couple months off? Is 2 months enough?

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I doubt 2 months is enough. It might keep you clear for a little while, but the higher the cumulative dose the better your chances are of remission. Being on it for 2 months won't give you nearly the recommended cumulative dose. You'll probably have to end up going back on it but good luck

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I'm prepared for having to go back on it, but it will probably have to wait until around may. I guess more of the question is how bad will it be by then?

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