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Lower Strength Retin-A?

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I'm looking to start back up on Retin-A on my chest since my acne has apparently moved from my face. I previously used Retin-A on my face with great results after about 12-14 weeks, and I've been using some sample packs of Retin-A micro 0.1% gel. I'm getting a horrible IB, which is pretty much expected - my question is would it be okay to use a lower concentration of Retin-A rather than getting a prescription? I may not be able to see a doctor or dermatologist that can prescribe anytime soon. If it's easier, I'm just going to purchase OTC tretinoin. Does anyone have any experience switching to another concentration mid-use, and what were your results? Thanks.

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You can't buy over the counter tretinoin where im from, but im assuming you mean a cream (0.01%-0.05%) or a gel (0.01%-0.025%). There has been studies suggesting that anything over 0.025% tretinoin is no more effective then 0.025% and just causes more irritation. I'm not sure if I completely believe this, but I honestly think it would still give you a similar effect despite going to a lower strength.

Hope this helps! (:

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Yes it does, thank you! Can anyone comment on what the highest strength Retin-A I can buy over the counter is? I couldn't find any in stores but I'm about to go back to college, so I'll check out there.

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