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Injury And Illness Taking Forever To Clear Up

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I've been on tane now for about 2 months (40mg). During that time I sprained one of my toes (Dec 5) and caught a bad cold day after christmas and which has since morphed into severe bronchitis and is NOT clearing up (even with antibiotics, prescription cough suppressants and a puffer). My sprained toe is also not improving; I can walk, but with constant pain, and the swelling is continuous, regardless of icing and anti-inflammatories.

Is it likely that the accutane is preventing my body from being able to heal and recover from these?? As much as I don't wanna come off tane til it's done its job for my skin, I need some relief (AND because I just started a new job and am not permitted to call in sick yet).

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Call your derm ASAP and get their advice. Bronchitis is a VERY SERIOUS illness and can actually KILL you so if you need to be off the accutane for a while so that your body can heal, then do it. Bet definitely speak to your derm first

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Agreed with Above poster! Accutane can weaken bones, not to say it caused your sprain, but could delay the healing and can cause slow wound healing...Not to mention it can effect the immune system and being it dries you out very bad that doesn't just mean the outside that also includes the inside of your body.

Make sure you let your derm know also, and not sure what Antibotic they gave you, but some are a no no with Accutane. Call your regular doc tomorrow also! Good Luck

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