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Hey guys,

Anyone have good results or someone they'd recommend in NYC for scar treatments and/or acne cyst issues?

I'm going to be in NYC the end of the month and would like to take advantage of having more options for these kind of things while I"m there.

So if any of you have had good results with someone there I'd much appreciate the info.


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DC-girl! How long do you plan to stay in NYC? I must say any scar treatments take time(follow-up with doc, healing process and down time) and it most likely requires multiple sessions. So it's not a good idea to jump to scar treatments without having an enough time( a few weeks or months is not enough...)

I believe many doctors in NYC would be very happy to treat your scars especially if they know you are a short-term-stay patient, because it's easy money for them. So be careful picking your doctor. It's very important to meet with at least a few doctors and ask a lot of questions, research about them and the treatment they offer before you decide to go for it. There are a lot of doctors in NYC, but to find a good/honest/skilled doctor is very hard and takes time.

By the way what kind of scars do you have? It's better to know your scar type when you pick your doctor, because many times doctors specialized in different types of treatment(some in lasers - also there are many types of lasers, subcision, fillers, TCA cross/peel and such). I think the safest and effective treatment for short-term-stay patients is temporary fillers...but it's only a temporary thing...

Also I do not recommend to get any scar treatments while you are still getting cyst acne(higher risk of additional scarring - from my own experience...!). You should get your acne under control first.

Hope you'll find a good doctor!

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