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Connor Cliche

A Few Questions About Selsun Blue's 3% Sa Shampoo!

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Now, I've been on the Acne.org Regimen for a solid three years and would consider myself an anecdotal professional. I currently am 99.9% clear and have been for about two and a half years (the regimen took about six months to fully kick in!) I could not be happier!

...Or so I lied. I love the regimen, but I'm the kinda guy that loves to try out new products even though the ones I may already use are absolutely fine and work perfectly.


I've read online about a dandruff shampoo called Selsun Blue Naturals (link about this paragraph) that has 3% Salicilyc Acid (SA) and I've heard it's an awesome source for Salicylic Acid for fighting acne and body acne. I was just wondering how I would go about applying this to my face?

Would I simply treat it like a normal cleanser and wash my face with it?

Should I 'wash' my face with it and leave the suds on as a mask?

Should I just put the raw product on my face and leave it as a mask?

Is this product ideal for ingrown hairs because of the salicylic acid in it? I sometimes get a couple ingrown hairs under my belly button and was wondering if this product would help rid me of that problem?

Thanks yet again Acne.org for all of your help!

Take care,


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i have been using selsun blue on my face for three days so i can't say anything for it about acne. but it has made me really red and made all my hyperpigmentation look extremely bad. i have stopped using it.

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