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Hey everyone,

I finshed a course of accutane about a month ago and everything went great. Lately I have been getting this weird red "lump" between my bottom lip and chin. I had a really bad cysts there around 2 years ago, and it seems to be acting up again. I've had problems in this area before with a cut in the crease of my chin that had to everntually be cauterized with silver nitrate because of all the folliculitis and granulation tissue woudln't let it heal. So I had this done last year and all has been good until now.

I am using a topical called veltin that is clindamcyin + tretinoin and its been great post accutane. Excoet this one spot that is a lump that hurts and is flaky and crusty with yellow spots throughout it. It isn't inlfamed enough to be a cyst, it isn't a cirlce, and looks like folliculitis but I'm not sure. I'm not sure whether to keep treating it with topicals or leave it alone. Is a retinoid good for this? I'm nervous because it is getting worse and is getting kinda gross.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Hey everyone - wanted to post for you all what cleared my Folliculitis! Literally not a million steps, 1 small thing.

I have looked at this site for years but never posted - so I figured if I could help somebody else out I should post! for those who don't want to read my short story - NYSTATIN cream is the answer. seriously. For those who do want to read my story - see below:

(you should read the story bc its an amazement!)

I have always suffered from mild acne ever since I could remember. But it didn't really affect me too much. Until recently.. Probably toward the end of August I started getting AWFUL breakouts on my CHEST which I seriously never had before.

The breakout on my chest looked as follows: SMALL white heads, literally everywhere.. and there typically was a little hair in the middle of the white head. I of course would squeeze them.. but it seriously made the situation a mILLION times worse. I literally could not understand it.

Of course thought it was acne and it would go away. Well it didn't. So I went to a dermatologist.. which was embarrassing but I needed to get this shit to go away! She prescribed me Epiduo Cream, Clyndamicin lotion, a Sodium Phosphate wash and DOXYCYCLINE. I was so glad to finally have prescription strength stuff in my hand.. I noticed a difference in my face IMMEDIATELY.. but my chest was not clearing up.. I seriously didn't get it. and it was seriously starting to depress me.

Suddenly I began researching.. why the hell do I keep getting this tiny white bumps all over my chest.. when I found out about Folliculitis. I read that there was all these different types of Folliculitis.. caused from a million different things and reasons and I was so confused but I felt like since the bumps on my chest werent responding to the acne treatment it couldn't be acne.

I got so frustrated so I remember taking the DOXYCYCLINE i was prescribed. (I wasn't taking them because I was afraid they would interfere with my birth control) so one night i took it and I remember waking up the next day and wanting to die! The bumps started spreading up to my NECK and I kept imagining if they went to my face. I knew I had to figure it out.. and immeditely stopped the doxy.

ANYWAY - I read about washing with head and shoulders.. I started to wash my chest with head and shoulders and I noticed a slight improvement.. more so that the bumps would dry out a lot faster but I would still get them. Thats sort of when I definitely figured out it wasn't acne.

SO I did some more research.. I was thinking wtf did I possibly do or what type of folliculitis I had or what caused this. ALSO I kept reading that folliculitis was itchy.. I didn't notice itching THAT much except one night in bed I kept itching my chest and it all sort of clicked for me.

I found out one of the causes for folliculitis was because of a YEAST OVERGROWTH and this can happen for many reasons, but has a lot to do with antibiotics and not taking medicine properly. Well I had definitely been an idiot and done that throughout my life. Made sense why the ACNE ANTIBIOTICS I WAS PRESCRIBED.. MADE MY CHEST SO MUCH WORSE.

SO Voila, I finally realized that I 100% had folliculitis and it had to have been from a yeast overgrowth. I remember I made a derm appointment and told them I HAVE FOLLICULITIS AND I NEED IT TAKEN CARE OF. Well I never even ended up having to go to the derm... I was sitting on my couch and I randomly decided to look in my medicine cabinet.. I was willing to try ANYTHING at this point and I saw this cream. it said NYSTATIN CREAM. it didn't have a definition.. so I googled it... I swear I finally found religion that day because when I googled it it said it was a cream to stop FUNGAL GROWTH ON THE SKIN. PROMINENTLY THE YEST FUNGUS. i was amazed. I could not believe that simply appeared in my house!

I put it on my chest.. afraid that lord knows what would happen but I swear I woke up the next morning and it was a miracle. I am not even kidding. The breakouts stopped and everything was SO less red.. i was seriously amazed. So I continued the treatment. it hasn't even been a month.. it seriously cleared up in a week. It even faded the hyperpigmentation I was left from all the old blisters!

SO SERIOUSLY.. I dont know how u get prescribed Nystatin cream or what it is typically used for.. but IT WORKS I AM TELLING YOU. YOU HAVE TO LOOK INTO IT IF YOU EVEN THINK YOU HAVE FOLLICULITIS CAUSED BY FUNGUS! (YEAST SPECIFICALLY)

:) Hope I was able to help somebody!

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