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40% Lactic Acid Peel (Muac)

I just bought the 40% LA Peel from MUAC, and I'm really hoping I can see results. Does anyone think I will benefit from this? I haven't had any bad acne (ever) really, except for a brief period from October to November this year...probably because of stress. My skin is pretty smooth, i just want to get rid of these hideous spots from picking.

I have one huge spot on my forehead that is a few months old, and I would really like to fade it with this peel. Also, my nose has two really unattractive spots that I would also like to get rid of. I was wondering if I could use this peel on just my T-Zone, as my cheeks/chin area are fine, and have no problems.

Also, how many peels will it take before I start to see noticeable results? And how important is sun protection the next day? What can I expect from this peel - will my skin be peely and dry?


I am hoping to get this under control and have clear skin once again before March or so.Thanks!

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You can spot treat with lactic acid and get good results. Lactic is one if the mildest chemical peels and can be done once a week. For your first time I would suggest doing your whole face. The next time you do the peel you can spot treat. Don't forget to do a test area and wait 24hrs to see how your skin reacts.

I just got a jessners peel from MUAC and I like it a lot.

A lactic acid peel won't leave your skin dry and flakey like a jessner or TCA peel. It will make your skin look refreshed, no down time with lactic acid.

You should see results after a couple peels. Everyone is different so results vary.

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