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Am I Starting Too Fast?

Hello all,

I am on day 12 on the regimen. Since then, I've been seeing great success. Starting day 5, I began using jojoba oil because the flakiness was getting out of control. Now, with jojoba oil and following the regimen, I am seeing awesome results.


Because I was in a "hurry" to get the regimen to work, I somewhat went overboard with the amount of BP usage in the first week. For 5 of the first 7 days, I applied bp TWICE a day my full top 3rd of the index finger's worth. The other times, I just applied it once a day because the flakiness was killing me (then I found jojoba!).

In week 2, I increased the BP dosage to full 2/3 of my index finger and applied bp TWICE a day. With Jojoba oil, flaking is under complete control. Redness is minimal.

One very important note: I am 6'' tall and 165 lbs, a healthy sized guy. However, my hands are smaller than 90% of the girls' I've ever met. Obviously that means I have short fingers. Hence, I suppose my 2/3 of index finger would still be less than an average guy's index finger's 2/3.

So the question is am I starting too fast? I am definitely going much faster than Dan's recommended dosage. However, I am not suffering from the negatives of going too fast at all, only positives. Am I being naive right now and will suffer some catastrophic breakout if I continued up this dosage? Am I hindering myself from achieving skin-adjustment to BP?

Please help!

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I would go as slow as you can. I was caking it on for the first few weeks. Good results! My face was going red but i ignored it because people said it was normal... until i got a mild chemical burn, my skin was weeping and looked blotchy and sunburnt. This came hand in hand with cystic breakouts, which i rarely get before.

A month later my face has kind of recovered and i am starting as slow as i can. Thin layer of BP once a day and then go from there in a months time.

I even used BP for 4 years every day before starting the regimen. So go slow! Maybe even have a few days off if your skin is going red and irritated it never helps you in the long run.

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