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My Skin Is A Disaster. Please Help. (Pictures)

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I really want to clear my skin up for Spring Break which is in March.

I have a huge dark line spot on my forehead. I've had this for about 3-4 months now.

I have two really ugly spots on my nose. One of them is more than a month old, but the one closer to the bottom middle is new(a few days old). How can I get rid of these fast? I'm using Lemon juice on my forehead, and i've done that about 4 times this week.

There are 3 images in this link, scroll through them:


My self confidence is completely gone :(

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I hesitate to make a direct recommendation because I have no experience with darker complexions, but have you looked into a chemical peel? I'm not sure which (glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid or TCA) is best for your skin tone, but they can do wonders for dark marks and PIH.

I use 20% Salicylic acid and it has really helped with my PIH. Do a little searching around or talk to an aesthetician to see.

It takes several peels, and at the facility they can be pricey. I got mine on Amazon for about $16, but it's not very strong. I started seeing good results after 3 peels, and it gets better each time.

Good luck to you!

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seriously; you need something stronger than lemon juice.

I would recommend some sort of a peel as mentioned above, start with lactic if you have never used peels before, then you can try glycolic or salycylic

and how often are you in the sun? do you wear spf?

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thanks everyone! I have a 25% mandelic acid peel sample around my house so I'll just use that... I'm too scared to use anything else. and lemon juice actually seems to be working really well. I've used it 4 days in a row now,& I already see a difference. since I'm scared of ruining my forehead, I'm just going to continue lemon juice for a month and see, and I'll use mandelic on my nose.

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I actually ended up buying 40% lactic acid, and I used it once a few nights ago. it reduced my marks so much, I'm surprised! I can't wait for another month to see if they're gone completely! :)

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